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School Colours Awards 2020

The School Colours Awards are back for 2020.


This year, Colours Awards will be combined with the end of year award ceremonies in June so all academic, sporting and wider achievements will be recognised in the Junior and Senior events.


The Colours system recognises achievement in and service to the school entitling pupils to wear blazers and braid. The Colours system reflects the wider achievements of pupils and includes three possible levels of award – “Half Colours”, “Full Colours” and a “Colours Tie”.


The Colours system forms just one part of the way in which achievement is celebrated at Bell Baxter and Colours can be awarded for outstanding school achievement in the following categories:

 Curricular Achievement.
 Aesthetic and Creative Achievement.
 Sporting Achievement.
 Service to the School.
 School Service in the Community.
 Wider Achievement.


Each Colours category is awarded separately from the others. This means that Colours can be awarded in several categories in the same year. The award of Full Colours in two or more categories does not merit an overall Colours Tie.


As always, young people have to nominate themselves, but can also be nominated by peers, teachers, parents or coaches/activity leaders. You may well know of some young people who have achieved success outwith the classroom and can therefore nominate them yourself.


For more information and nomination forms, click here.


Completed nomination forms should be printed and returned to the School Office or emailed to


Returns should be made by Friday 13th  March, 2020 at the latest.