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SQA Exam Diet and Skills Development Scotland Support Update

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25 March 2020

Dear Parent / Carer

SQA Exam Diet and Skills Development Scotland Support

You will now be fully aware the 2020 exam diet has been cancelled. Inevitably this means there will be some uncertainty for our young people who were preparing for exams. I want to reassure you and your children that teachers, who know your children best as learners, will be doing everything they can to ensure they are awarded their best possible qualification(s).

Part of what teachers do already is to gather ongoing evidence throughout the year for completing courses for qualifications. This includes completing coursework, assignments and folios.

Our teachers will work hard to use all available evidence to support their professional judgement to give accurate predictions. I want to emphasise that there is no need for your child to be in school to complete work. We now know following the updated announcement by the SQA on 24 March that certification will be based on predicted attainment, coursework and assessment from throughout the year.

The SQA will provide further details on the estimation of grades as soon as possible and they will inform us of what they will need from teachers and the approach that will be taken to certification. At this stage I would ask you not to contact your child’s school as we are still awaiting further instructions from SQA.

The SQA have indicated that their post-results service will be free of charge this year. This service is when the school are concerned about the grade your child has been awarded and they can request a clerical review. Parents cannot request this directly to the SQA.

The current SQA system has a large amount of statistical information that will allow for checks and balances to be made to ensure a fair outcome for your child. This includes statistical checks on the normal pattern of attainment across a school, a subject area and across the local authority. We will continue to work with SQA to ensure the hard work of our young people has been properly recognised and accredited fairly.

Skills Development Scotland (SDS)

I also wanted to take this opportunity to inform you that SDS are still continuing to do the following: –

  • Provide career, information, advice and guidance for all young people. Our school careers advisers are endeavouring to maintain contact with pupils and they are looking at how we can further develop on-line services to support them. This will be done via telephone, Skype or online. To speak to a Careers Adviser call your local centre on 01592 645180 (Kirkcaldy Centre) and 01383 745610 (Dunfermline Centre). Details of all our centres can be found on My World of Work. Calls are being automatically re-routed to advisers (all of whom are home-working). Messaging can be provided for your comms channels if needed. Please be reassured that SDS Careers Advisers will continue to proactively contact pupils to offer them ongoing support.
  • Work with the SQA and other awarding bodies in relation to Foundation Apprenticeships. This work will support their guidance for individuals and learning providers to ensure that the effects of disruption are minimised and that wherever possible, apprentices and learners are not negatively impacted in the longer term.
  • Share social media posts from SDS social channels to inform teachers, pupils, parents and carers of our ongoing support.

As soon as we have any further information we will share this with you. Thank you in anticipation of your ongoing support.

Yours sincerely

Maria Lloyd

Head of Education (Secondary Schools and Specialist Support)


SQA Exam Diet Update 25032020

SCHOLAR – now available to S3


Covid-19 Additional Support

Temporary guest account for S3 learners

Learners in S3 studying level 4 material as part of the broad general education (BGE), often cover topics common to National 5 courses and may find access to SCHOLAR National 5 courses useful.

If S3 students have not yet been enrolled, to let them work on the course materials, for the next 28 days they will be able to access our National 5 courses using the account details below. Please note, when using this account their teacher will not be able to track their progress, review their performance or mark any extended answers.

Username:          ges3nat5

Password:           bird70pear

Best wishes,


School Colours Awards 2020

The School Colours Awards are back for 2020.


This year, Colours Awards will be combined with the end of year award ceremonies in June so all academic, sporting and wider achievements will be recognised in the Junior and Senior events.


The Colours system recognises achievement in and service to the school entitling pupils to wear blazers and braid. The Colours system reflects the wider achievements of pupils and includes three possible levels of award – “Half Colours”, “Full Colours” and a “Colours Tie”.


The Colours system forms just one part of the way in which achievement is celebrated at Bell Baxter and Colours can be awarded for outstanding school achievement in the following categories:

 Curricular Achievement.
 Aesthetic and Creative Achievement.
 Sporting Achievement.
 Service to the School.
 School Service in the Community.
 Wider Achievement.


Each Colours category is awarded separately from the others. This means that Colours can be awarded in several categories in the same year. The award of Full Colours in two or more categories does not merit an overall Colours Tie.


As always, young people have to nominate themselves, but can also be nominated by peers, teachers, parents or coaches/activity leaders. You may well know of some young people who have achieved success outwith the classroom and can therefore nominate them yourself.


For more information and nomination forms, click here.


Completed nomination forms should be printed and returned to the School Office or emailed to


Returns should be made by Friday 13th  March, 2020 at the latest.