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Weekly Learning Overviews for Week Beginning 25/05/20

Please find attached the Weekly Learning Overview for your child’s year group.

Week 35 Home Learning Overview – S1

Week 35 Home Learning Overview – New S3

The overview provides basic information on the area of study from each faculty in Bell Baxter.

We will continue to send overviews every Monday so that you are aware of the work as early as possible in the week.

We are also aware that there are challenges around home learning and access to IT, so it may not be possible to complete all tasks every week.

Support Team staff will continue to contact all homes to check in with families and ask about access to the set work.

If you are having difficulty accessing the work, please contact the school using one of the email addresses below and we will get back to you as soon as we can:

S1 –

New S3 – 

General Enquiries –

Yours sincerely

Brian Harris

Depute Rector

*New* Mental Health Booklet Available

Bell Baxter recognises that the ‘lockdown’ can bring many challenges, particularly with personal wellbeing.

Mrs McGinty from Bell Baxter Support Team has produced some useful wellbeing resources, inlcuding the *new* Teen Guide to Surviving Lockdown and Beyond

You can view these, and all our Mental Health information by clicking here.


The Fife Council Education Psychology Service Website has also recently been updated to include some helpful resources/advice on COVID-19. It can be found using this link:

It also contains contact details, should you want to get in touch with the them to discuss any concerns.

Rector Update & Letter from the Head of Education

Dear Parent/Carer,


I hope you are all safe and well.  Please find attached to this update a letter from Maria Lloyd, Head of Education with further information about SQA and how national qualifications are to be awarded this year.  As ever any questions or concerns do not hesitate to get in touch.

SQA estimates letter to parents 5 May


Teams Update

Thank you to all the parents who have supported us to get their young people set up in Teams to move our learning forward.  A number still have to go online and enter the appropriate code to allow access to learning.  Please try to ensure your child has done so by the end of the week so that there are no gaps in learning, as all programmes will be progressing as planned.

Next steps for Teams will be for us to use an analytical tool built into the system to monitor levels of pupil engagement, to track whether or not pupils are logging in to view materials, upload work and communicate with teachers.  We will feed back to you if we feel there are any issues and plan what we can do to support.

Please note that the timetable has not moved on as such, plans for this are in line with previous years and individual pupil timetables will be issued early June as normal.



There will be no further reporting to parents for the remainder of the Session.  One of the clear advantages of us moving as a school to regular and succinct tracking reports throughout the year is that young people all received reports in Term 3 and therefore we will resume tracking of progress next Session.


PE Choice – S3

Thank you to young people for completing the Teams quiz and sharing choices for the S3 PE curriculum.  Obviously, as with all learning this term and next, participation will be dependent on the recovery plan set out by the Scottish Government and Fife Council with regards to our return to school.  Further information on this will follow as and when we hear more.


Bell Baxter Parent Council

We had a lovely meeting Monday evening with some members of the Parent Council – was great to see everyone, albeit remotely!  A key part of the discussion was thinking about delivery models for remote learning.  We had already established a working group within the school to consider this and pilot models however we would like to tap into any expertise/interest from parents out there.

If you would be interested in linking with the group, please email Karen Brown, the Chair of the Parent Council on


P7 Transition

Sadly our transition programmes have been pretty much wiped out as a result of COVID.  However, we are working on a number of things behind the scenes to try to plan various ways of connecting with our primary 7s.  Further information to follow on this soon.


Awards Ceremonies

We are in the same position as above with awards ceremonies.  Again we are thinking creatively around this and will be sharing more in the next few weeks in terms of how we plan to conduct these extremely important celebrations of our young people’s hard work and achievements.


Guidance Contact

The Guidance Team are working through each of the young people in their year groups to make contact and check in with you all.  With between 250 – 300 young people per year this is a huge undertaking but well worth it.  They have now spoken to approximately 50% of their year groups each and will be continuing to work on speaking to you all over the coming days and weeks.  If you have any worries at all however please do not wait for them to call.  You can email each of them directly on the following emails:







I think that is everything!  As ever stay in touch and we will do our best to help you in this difficult time.

Best wishes


Carol Ann


Carol Ann Penrose


Bell Baxter High School
Carslogie Road
KY15 4HY
Tel. 01334 659459
Twitter @BellBaxter_HS
Facebook @BellbaxterHS

SQA Update – 21st April, 2020

Message from Maria Lloyd – Head of Education at Fife Council

The SQA provided a further update today on how schools will determine estimate grades, bands and rank order to be submitted to SQA to allow them to make awarding decisions this year:

Across all of our schools, we are working to ensure that our young people get recognition for their hard work and receive the qualifications they deserve. The SQA have asked us to subdivide each existing band, place learners within these band categories and then to rank order their learners within each estimated grade. The estimated grades submitted to SQA will then allow them to use this information along with, where available, prior attainment to ascertain whether a centre’s estimates this session are consistent with outcomes in previous years.  All of this information will be used by the SQA to finalise the award outcomes. The SQA will continue to support us in this process through online advice and our teachers will be able access this.

Be assured that our teachers have worked with our young people for a significant period of time and have a range of evidence to draw on, in order to make an accurate professional judgement of what they are capable of achieving. This analysis will allow teachers, departments and schools to arrive at an estimated grade which best reflects the work and the progress your child has made and therefore makes a best estimate of how they might have performed if they had completed coursework or folio and final exam.

To further support teachers and departments across schools, Fife has produced quality assurance materials and provided all necessary data to support our staff in making these estimates.

I again ask you for your continued cooperation and support in this process and not to contact schools for these estimates.

The SQA have also committed to further support through the post results service, which this year will be an appeal process.  Results will still be issued to young people by 4 August. We continue to strongly encourage all young people to sign-up to MySQA, the online and text service, as a direct way to receive their results. Further information is available for learners, parents and carers in the Frequently Asked Questions section of the website.

While I accept that this whole process is very different to the normal exam diet, I am confident that by working in close partnership with SQA and across schools, the hard work of Fife’s young people will be properly recognised and accredited.