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Masterclasses w.b. 20th May

The following Masterclasses will run this week:

Monday, 20th May
Advanced H Graphic Communication, P5 & P6 (Room 100)
National 5 Graphic Communication, P5 & P6 (Room 101)

Tuesday, 21st May
Higher Drama, all day (Drama Studio)
National 5 Drama, P1 – P4 (Room 206)
National 5 Computing Science, P3 & P4 (Room 305)

Wednesday, 22nd May
Higher Art & Design, P1 – P4 (Rooms 407 & 408)
National 5 Art & Design, P5 – P7 (Rooms 407 & 408)

Friday, 24th May
National 5 RMPS, P1 – P4 (Rooms 416 & 417)
Higher RMPS, P1 – P4 (Rooms 416 & 417)
National 5 Geography, P1 – P4 (Room 422)
Higher Geography, 1pm – 3:30pm )Room 423)

Masterclasses w.b. 13th May

The following Masterclasses are running this week:

Monday, 13th May
All levels Physics, P1 – P7 (Physics rooms)
Higher Design & Manufacture, P1 & P2 (Room 101)
National 5 French, P3 & P4 (Room 318)

Tuesday, 14th May
All levels Physics, P1 – P6 (Physics rooms)
Higher Design & Manufacture, P3 & P4 (Room 100)
Advanced H Design & Manufacture, P3 & P4 (Room 101)
National 5 Design & Manufacture, P5 & P6 (Room 109)

Wednesday, 15th May
All levels Business Management, all day (Room 200)
National 5 Accounting, P1 & P2 (Room 205)

Thursday, 16th May
Higher Accounting, P1 & P2 (Room 205)
Higher Media, all day (Room 204)

Friday, 17th May
National 5 Dance, P3 & P4 (PE)
Higher Dance, P5 & P6 (PE)
National 5 Media, all day (Room 301)
Higher Philosophy, P1 – P4 (Room 416)
National Philosophy, P1 – P4 (Room 416)

Masterclasses w.b. 6th May

The following Masterclasses will run this week:

Tuesday, 7th May
National 5 Chemistry, P1 – P6 (Chemistry rooms)
Advanced H Design & Manufacture, P3 & P4 (Room 101)

Thursday, 9th May
Higher & Advanced Higher Chemistry, P1 – P7 (Chemistry rooms)

Friday, 10th May
National 5 History, P1 – P4 (Rooms 412, 418 & 420)
Higher History, P1 – P4 (Room 410)
Higher & Advanced Higher French, P1 & P2 (Room 318)
Advanced H Design & Manufacture, P3 & P4 (Room 101)

Jannie’s Hoose garden

Earlier this session the Pupil Council and School Fund set up an account for us to begin the task of improving  the Jannie’s Hoose garden.

The ‘Tuesday morning S2 boys group’ worked alongside the youth workers from the Cupar Youth Café and Lesley Pringle, Community Education Worker, to come up with a focus for the group.  We decided to target the two neglected and weed-filled raised beds just behind the Jannie’s Hoose.  The boys cleared the ground, painted the planters and decorated them with spray paint.  The planters have also been filled with vegetables, a couple of fruit bushes and some herb plants (which we have already begun using when we have a cooked breakfast together!).

The boys thoroughly enjoyed their time working on this project and have gained a Youth Achievement Award which can form part of a Dynamic Youth Award next year.

I would like to thank all those who were involved in helping with this project – in particular, the financial support from the Pupil Council and the School Fund, Lewis, Ian, Lesley  and James Strachan from S6 who worked in the garden each week  throughout the session.

Mrs L. Jeffrey

Masterclasses w.b. 29th April

The following Masterclasses will run this week:

Monday, 29th April
National 5 Modern Studies, P1 – P4 (Rooms 411, 412 & 414)
All levels Biology, P1 – P7 (Biology rooms)

Tuesday, 30th April
Higher Modern Studies, P1 – P4 (Rooms 411 & 414)
Advanced H Design & Manufacture, P3 & P4 (Room 101)

Wednesday, 1st May
National 5 Practical Woodworking, P3 & P4 (Room 100)
National 5 Hospitality, P5 & P6 (Hospitality Restaurant)
National 5 Application of Maths, 12:45pm – P7 (Rooms 306 & 307)
Higher & Advanced H Maths, 12:45pm – P7 (Rooms 306, 307, 308, 402 & 403)

Thursday, 2nd May
National 5 Maths, P1 – P4 (Maths rooms)
National 5 English, P5 & P6 (English rooms)

Friday, 3rd May
Advanced H Statistics, P1 – P4 (Room 303)
Higher & Advanced H Spanish, P1 & P2 (Room 322)
Higher English, P3 & P4 (English rooms)
Advanced H Design & Manufacture, P3 & P4 (Room 101)
National 5 Spanish, P5 & P6 (Room 322)