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Senior Awards Ceremony

Last night saw the Senior Awards Ceremony marked the end of the school year and our celebration of achievements for our senior pupils.  It is always inspiring to share some of the incredible things that our young people manage to do during the session.

Thank you to The Polar Academy’s, Luke Robertson for being Guest of Honour on the night.

The “unseasonably” bright night meant that our photograph didn’t quite turn out how we planned!

We would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of everyone, to wish you all a fantastic summer!

Masterclasses w.b. 20th May

The following Masterclasses will run this week:

Monday, 20th May
Advanced H Graphic Communication, P5 & P6 (Room 100)
National 5 Graphic Communication, P5 & P6 (Room 101)

Tuesday, 21st May
Higher Drama, all day (Drama Studio)
National 5 Drama, P1 – P4 (Room 206)
National 5 Computing Science, P3 & P4 (Room 305)

Wednesday, 22nd May
Higher Art & Design, P1 – P4 (Rooms 407 & 408)
National 5 Art & Design, P5 – P7 (Rooms 407 & 408)

Friday, 24th May
National 5 RMPS, P1 – P4 (Rooms 416 & 417)
Higher RMPS, P1 – P4 (Rooms 416 & 417)
National 5 Geography, P1 – P4 (Room 422)
Higher Geography, 1pm – 3:30pm )Room 423)