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Senior Awards Ceremony

Last night saw the Senior Awards Ceremony marked the end of the school year and our celebration of achievements for our senior pupils.  It is always inspiring to share some of the incredible things that our young people manage to do during the session.

Thank you to The Polar Academy’s, Luke Robertson for being Guest of Honour on the night.

The “unseasonably” bright night meant that our photograph didn’t quite turn out how we planned!

We would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of everyone, to wish you all a fantastic summer!

The Polar Academy, 2020

The next ten months will see our Polar Academy’s twenty strong Leadership and Expedition teams pulling together the 2020 expedition to Greenland.  The teams will be training hard, getting involved with fundraising and having lots of adventures!

We hope that you will be able to support the teams along the way, and we look forward to sharing our journey with you over the coming months.

Leadership Team
Louis Allison Finch, Lara Burdett, Rachel Murray, Robbie Williams, Charlotte Youngson, Stephanie Birrell, Jorja Darlington, Boo Scott, Bryce Tyndall, Kayleigh Yorke and Mr N. Duncan.

Expedition Team
Leah Graham, Emily Birrell, Eve Gill, Molly Turnbull, Molly Poolman, Sophie Blair, Lauren Calley, Ember Davidson, Blair MacDougall, Christian Smurthwaite and Mrs K. Simcock.

The Polar Academy Team

Staffing Update

Fife’s Managing Change process has now ended with a number of significant changes to our staffing for Session 2019-20.  An overview of the staffing changes has been included in the link below.

Staffing Update, Session 2019-20

We would like to take the opportunity to say a huge thank you and a fond farewell to all of our staff leaving at the end of term – we wish them all the very best in whatever opportunity they are moving on to.  Their contribution has been notable and they will be missed by the school and the wider school community.

Ms C. Penrose

Captains Team

Congratulations to Molly Wilson (Captain), Duncan Nimmo (Captain), Niamh Crofts (Vice Captain) and Cameron Akers (Vice Captain) on being appointed to the Captains Team for the new session.

We look forward to the great work which the Captains Team will lead throughout the session.