SQA Exam Results

Good luck to all of our young people receiving their SQA exam results tomorrow. We hope all your hard work throughout the session has paid off and you get the results you deserve.

Further information about Results Day from the SQA is  available here:

SQA Results Day Information

We are however aware that some of you will have worked just as hard as others yet be disappointed with the results you have received. This may mean that you need to make changes to the courses you were planning to take in session 2019-2020. If this is the case then further information is available on the school website here:

Post Results Course Changes

If things have not gone as well as you had hoped  and you think that there has been some kind of significant mistake in the marking process, for instance if a result is considerably lower than that expected or estimated then further information is available at the link below. If a University or College offer is dependant on a result then you should carefully consider the information on this page before completing the form.

Post Results Service Requests