Sports Day 2014

Today, Sgoil a’ Bhac held it’s annual Sports Day. We had an excellent turnout of family supporters who cheered on children in 100m, sack race, egg and spoon, partner race, hopper race, 200m and relays.

We would like to say a big well done to all the children who participated today. You all tried your best and made it a great event.

Thank you to the staff and volunteers who helped to organise and run today’s event.

We’re sharing a small selection of photos here and we’ll run the full selection on the screen in the foyer this week.

 IMG_1175 IMG_1201 IMG_1223

IMG_1230 IMG_1332 IMG_1371

IMG_1532 IMG_1600 IMG_1623 IMG_1653 IMG_1679 IMG_1685

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