Mad Hair Day

Mad Hair 3

Gaelic 4/5 planned and organised a Mad Hair day and encouraged all pupils and staff  to support the fundraising event.

Tha iad airson taing a thoirt  dhan a h-uile duine a ghabh pairt ann. Abair gu robh seallaidhean annasach ann an Sgoil a’ Bhac an-diugh! Thug sinn a-steach  £125 agus tha sinn eagalach toilichte leis an sin.


Poster Molly Poster Sandy

Mad Hair 1


Mad Hair 4

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On Monday we had our sports day which we all enjoyed.  Lots of parents came along to watch us take part in the races. There was tea, coffee and home baking being served in the school. We all had a great day.


On Tuesday we had art and we are doing a board to be displayed in Stornoway during the summer. I was drawing the new ferry on the board. The school is busy getting ready for the mod next week.


Today was MAD HAIR DAY today in Sgoil a’ Bhac . Everyone made a big effort to make their hair as crazy as possible. Even Mrs Murray wore a bright red wig and she looked like Stephanie from LazyTown.