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Young archaeologists and paleontologists

We have been very interested in dinosaurs and this led us to find out about fossils and how paleontologists use fossils to explore plants and animals from the past.

We also discovered archaeologists find out about people in the past by exploring artifacts often found from archaeological digs.

We created our own fossils and hid artifacts in clay and carried out our own ‘dig’ in the sand tray. We used tools such as small chisels, rakes, brushes and small hammers as we worked.

Roads, runways, routes and ramps

In the construction area we have been working together to develop the area. We used small construction resources to build vehicles and used the large blocks to create roads and ramps.  We added a runway for aeroplanes and have created more roads using tape.  As we play, we are exploring forces using ramps and gutters to create slopes and we are learning about direction using arrows.

Children’s Committee

Our Children’s Committee met this week to discuss The Global Goals and how to make the world a better place. They had fantastic ideas which they shared with the rest of the children after their meeting. Look out for our plans to reduce waste, think of others through Global Citizenship and  supporting charities and reduce litter. We even plan to develop our role play area into a recycling plant!

You can read our minutes here



Hallowe’en Happenings!

We are very excited because it will soon be Hallowe’en. We have been carving pumpkins and creating spooky models and pictures. We decided to create a haunted house outdoors in our outdoor classroom!

We made some very tasty pumpkin soup and enjoyed this for snack. We used the internet to search for some sensory experiences we could try and have been making spooky  playdough models, ghostly gloop and  we mixed magic potions in the water tray. We even created a giant web and had to catch the spiders!

“I’m a Glenwood Chicken…”

Our chicks are growing quickly and they are very lively! We have 6 boy chicks and 4 girl chicks. The boy chicks are yellow and the girl ones are brown. We chose names for our chicks and created a key to help us identify them. We named them Cheeky, Jasmine, Orville, Kevin, Rocker, Kayden, Gabrielle, Katie, Belle and Chirpy!

Our key to help us identify which chick is which.


Caterpillars and Butterflies

We have been observing the life cycle of the butterfly. We observed the caterpillars when they were very tiny and we watched them grow and grow and grow. They formed chrysalises and after a few days we watched them emerge as butterflies.

We released the butterflies into the garden.

We used books to help us find out more about butterflies.

We think the butterflies like our garden!