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Roads, runways, routes and ramps

In the construction area we have been working together to develop the area. We used small construction resources to build vehicles and used the large blocks to create roads and ramps.  We added a runway for aeroplanes and have created more roads using tape.  As we play, we are exploring forces using ramps and gutters to create slopes and we are learning about direction using arrows.

Developing the Young Workforce

The children have been developing their skills for learning,  life and  work. We harvested the potatoes we grew in the garden and then decided to sell these to our families.

We had to weigh the potatoes and bag them and decide how much to sell them for.

We wrote the price on the bags and set up a stall.

We handled money, issuing change and totalled the amount of money raised.

We decided to use the proceeds to purchase more seeds so we visited Rouken Glen Garden Centre to buy more.

Some children brought in photographs of the potatoes which they had for their dinner and told us how tasty they were!

Hands up Scotland travel survey

We took part in the Hands up Scotland travel survey asking “How do you normally travel to school?” Most children travel by car. Many children walk to nursery or come by scooter. A few travel by bike and one child travels on the bus.

Lots of children travel by car. Perhaps there are times when you can walk all or part of the way?

Perhaps you can consider one of the more healthy and ECO friendly ways to travel on occasion? Or park a little further from the nursery and walk part of the way?

Healthier and more ECO friendly (and fun!) options include walking, cycling and coming by scooter.


Our pizza restaurant

We decided to create a restaurant in the role play area. The children voted and decided to make a pizza restaurant. They wrote signs and designed menus and have the opportunity to handle real coins as they order and pay for their meals.

We voted to choose the name… The Pizza Place
What would you like to order?
The chef is busy in the kitchen
Pizza is ready
I will write your bill
Pay for your bill at the cash desk



What shall we call our two playrooms?

Our playrooms were known as the West Wing and the East Room. We noticed no-one was very familiar with those names and decided to re-name them. We asked the children what we could call the two playrooms in our nursery. P5060568The children had many ideas. We decided to choose names of some of the features of our outdoor areas.  We took photographs of our outdoor areas and made a graph.P5060565

Everyone voted for their favourite name.P5060567The winning names were Willow and Meadow. The Willow Room is to the left hand side (Previously known as West Wing) and the Meadow room is to the right hand side (previously the East Room).P5060569

Building blocks

Our young builders have been making plans and working with others as they build using the large and small blocks.









Block play provides children with opportunities to develop socially as they communicate and interact with others and to develop their imaginations through exploration. They faciliate the development of mathematical skills and motor skills as they lift, stack and balance.

Children in Need

The children of Glenwood worked hard to raise funds for Children in Need. They made spotty Pudsey bandages for teddies and sold these for a donation. A lot of money was collected and the children had to sort all the notes and coins and count the money.

PB130234 PB130238 PB130239 PB160241

Thank you to everyone who donated to this worthwhile charity. Glenwood Family Centre raised £243.11. Well done!