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Mean Icicles

Hope everyone is well.

Anyone bored, please see my post from yesterday.

Here’s another one for you. We’ve been learning about mean, median and mode in mathematics. Yesterday, I spotted these beauties hanging from a gutter: icicles! I carefully counted and measured them using technology (it was too cold and dangerous otherwise) and found the following lengths:

{23cm, 40cm, 25cm, 28cm, 44cm, 25cm, 32cm, 34cm, 30cm, 28cm, 32cm, 49cm, 37cm, 25cm}


  1. the mean length of icicle in cm.
  2. the median icicle length, in cm.
  3. and find the mode.

We’ve also been working on the internal angles of polygons and so far have found out pentagons and hexagons. Find out more.

Alternatively, find three dice and have a game of Yahtze, or teach someone how to play it.

Hope everyone is well in these adverse conditions.

Best wishes,

Mr A

Holiday Homework

What a term it’s been at Brydekirk and we are all ready for a break before the final term.

Here are some ideas for holiday homework, that P5-7 came up with, for anyone interested or at a loose end:

  • Mini Science Project
  • Take RME Values lessons and do another example
  • work on the iXL challenge
  • write a newspaper article
  • make a presentation
  • make a piece of art
  • write your own verse’s of Claire’s “Oh Aye!” song
  • practice Duolingo
  • do something about anything
  • or anything about something

Have a good holiday!

Mr A

Orienteering at Mabie

Here are some accounts from P5-7 of our trip orienteering last term:


WW2 Scale Drawings

P5-7 have been working really hard making WW2 scale drawings. Here’s a sneak preview.


Last day of last session

It seams like a dream now however here are some pics from the last day of last session. Bird Spotting in the morning, a round of golf on our own course (see design video below) in the afternoon, some final awards and the usual farewells to the P7s.


Award for Maths

Well done to James who was the fastest and most accurate with mental maths.

Working Hard

P1’s have been working hard with their maths work, they have been matching blocks to numbers 0 – 20.  Keep up the hard work girls!

Olympic Sailing Hopscotch

Some pupils having been using an app called Hopscotch. It’s a great way to learn various elements of mathematics including movement and rotation whilst also learning how to code.

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="480" height="270" allowfullscreen="true" /]

If this video doesn’t appear please click here.

Rubik’s Cube Club

Our break time Rubik’s Cube Club is proving very popular. Here is a short video from three members:

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="480" height="270" allowfullscreen="true" /]

If this video doesn’t appear please click here.

Parent Information Update

Thanks to Parents and Pupils who attended the Parent Information session last night from 6-7pm; we hope you found it useful.

For those not able to make it, the update included information and discussion from:

  • P5-7 Christmas Cards (coming soon)
  • New Scholastic and School books bought for Accelerated Reader library
  • New Projector and Screen bought with funds from the Community Council (thanks again)
  • Our School Rationale and Yearly plans
  • Pending updates to the school blogs

The second half of the session was used to explain how our new technology is making an impact on learning. Much of the changes have come about due to each pupil in P5-7 now having a dedicated tablet, although much of the learning is happening throughout the school and can still continue at home, if required, due to the resources being on the Internet.

Mr Archibald gave a description of how we approach spelling practice in the school using Spelling City and Schonell’s Essential Spelling List. Setup correctly, Spelling City gives each pupil the right words to practice every week and a choice of fun activities focused upon their words. Whilst it’s taken a bit of time to get setup we are now taking this forward for all pupils ready for the Essential Spelling List. Along with in class, Mr Archibald wants his Pupils to practice spelling at home using Spelling City and Parents and Pupils who attended felt that this was achievable. Spelling City offers many advantages to practicing words which will have an impact on learning however Mr Archibald felt that its greatest advantage was that it freed up his time to teach, such that he could ask some of his pupils in class to practice a Spelling City assignment, whilst he read or taught with another group. As Spelling City logs every piece of work, Mr Archibald is then able to check or mark the work later on, all through the internet.

iXL was discussed next which offers very similar benefits to learners and teachers as Spelling City except in Maths. Nearly all of our pupils have a login and it is available on the Internet (so at home and school). The benefits of iXL are more pronounced in a class with 1:1 tablet access where it is very convenient to login and start learning. Mr Archibald explained that iXL is used to consolidate work, or practice work that he has already taught and that again he can see exactly how every Pupil is developing.

The last significant change that was discussed was Kid Blog. Each pupil in P5-7 has a a blog, very similar to this site, which allows them to share their work, from in school and any achievements or learning from home. Kid Blog is the site we use to manage the blogs and it is setup specifically for classes. Kid Blog, coupled with a dedicated tablet and an appropriate approach to learning, gives a window into each Pupil’s learning. It is a brilliant way to exchange and record feedback and also to organise prior learning. At the moment the P5-7 blogs are private however last night Mr Archibald gave parents access codes and explained how to login, through the Internet or free iPad app and to access the class blogs. Parents attending last night managed this and were then able to look at work and also comment, which is fantastic. I would like all P5-7 Parents to have access to our class and comment on our work, this gives Parents a far more up-to-date picture of our learning and also gives our class an audience.

Mr Archibald also explained about how the developments above were funded, the New Digital Agreement, unfiltered Internet access, how the school uses data, including images and video and the associated websites. This was managed all in 1 hour too.

Thanks again to all who attended.

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