P5-7 Working from Home

This document, Learning at Home P5-7 explains our general approach and advice for Pupils, Parents and Carers including a general timetable. At the moment I’ve not set any Maths Project or Writing Project work (there’s enough to be getting on with).

Here is the timetable for the week beginning Monday 30th March 2020: timetable 300320.

Here is the first piece of writing work too:

There is a lot of information here however it’s very similar to what we do in class. Do what you can. Do not worry if you are still struggling with something or online access is limited. I uploaded it onto MS Teams last night as I think a lot of people will be accessing Glow and Teams tomorrow. Be patient.

If you want to upload any work, give it a try: I’ve created a folder on our Class Team called ‘uploads’ in Files. Put the work there saved as your first name and what the activity is e.g. ‘Bob handwriting’.

Along with the links on the right, here are some specific links to resources that we use in P5-7:

Read Theory


Typing Club

Jetpunk – this is a site with loads of quizzes and is great for typing practice.

Archive for the work uploaded here for the week beginning Monday 23rd March 2020:

timetable 230320

Here is also a copy of any of the specific work updated on Teams that some people are struggling to access this first week. Don’t worry about uploading work if you’re struggling with access. Doing the work is the main thing. I’ll try this as an option this week and I hope this helps:

Handwriting for Wednesday 250320:

Miss Primrose’s Rights Respecting Home Project

Scotland Topic Work:

These both needed the following pages:

I also recorded me reading the second one (the link in the image above won’t work) so that it was more like a listening activity (don’t show the image until after):