P5-7 Homework


Homework in P5-7 usually consists of three things every week: reading, spelling and mental maths. I try to spread them over Monday to Thursday however the tasks are flexible to allow for busy home lives.

  • Reading is set for some pupils by me in a reading record each night or otherwise pupils are to read their Accelerated Reader books, usually for at least 15 minutes, 4 nights of the week. If you are going to do any homework, reading is the priority.
  • Spelling is completed on Spelling City where each pupil has a login. There are usually 10 assignments to complete in a week where 5 should be completed at home over 4 nights. If you do not have access to this, or the Internet is not available, the pupils bring their weekly words home in a small jotter and there are three activities that can be completed as an alternative to Spelling City.
  • Mental maths consists of a variety of different tasks where practice is tested each week whereupon pupils progress to the next level. The pupils should know what to do however there are instructions usually at the start of each jotter or work book.

For those who want to do more:

  1. For any pupils looking to practice their writing there are excellent resources on line including (click on the image):Any pupils who would like to share their 500 Words or 100 Word Challenges with the rest of the class would be welcome to do so.
  2. Another activity for anyone keen to do more is to practise French using Duolingo, where each pupil has their own login.
  3. We’ve also recently introduced Read Theory, which is comprehension work on many different subjects.

Homework challenges and tasks are sometimes set during holidays and usually appear on this blog. The pupils are always free to do projects or holiday homework and present them to the rest of the class on the first week back of the new term.

Good luck,

Mr Archibald


Mr Archibald held a Meet the Parents Evening, which included discussion on homework for P4-7 Parents on the 5th September 2018.