iPad mini Pilot Project Review

As part of an iPad Pilot Project, conducted by five primary schools in Dumfries and Galloway, I have been asked to give feedback on the project so far, by sharing observations and recommendations. For anyone interested in my findings, please click iPad Pilot Project Review to read the report. You may comment below too.

Chapter 12 and a couple of ideas

Here’s Chapter 12 of ‘A Stranger Came Ashore’ for those interested.

Otherwise for anyone who is needing something to do, I’ve been very busy over the last wee while with the Commonwealth Games and also with the garden. So to match up with those two, here are couple of things to keep you busy:

  • Pick a  Commonwealth country, find out as much as you can about them and present them in an interesting way.
  • Maybe you visited the games in Glasgow (or you can imagine if you didn’t); write a report or story about it
  • Using an old shoe box or similar, design your own garden. Use bits and bobs from the house, nothing new, like below