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This week in P5JD

What’s gone well?
• Writing-We were pleased with our stories titles ‘The Knight’s Tale’. We were proud of the way they turned out-R & E
• IDL- We completed our characters houses and the street is now up on the wall with the families outside.-All
• IDL- We also enjoyed researching the African Nation of Malawi, where the new family currently live.-R
• Maths- I have been doing well in my daily mental maths-D

What do we need to do better?
• Listening- we need to work on our skills as a class-D
• Not rushing certain tasks- taking time to read the questions more carefully-R
• Perhaps improving the way the communicate in our groups-All

What do we want to do more of?
• Art- Portraits-D
• Writing on Chromebooks-Imaginative and functional-R
• IDL- Creating more for our Caring Crescent-K
• And researching more about countries-R

Star Moments

Rabbie Burns Picture-D


Our house model- K


This week in P5JD

What’s gone well?
• PE- Getting to use ropes in gymnastics and we have improved our listening- M & D
• Big Maths Beat That- getting quicker and more accurate- All
• IDL- We have been getting along well in our family groups and have been focused in our planning for this- M
• Art- We have been successful in bringing our house designs to life

What do we need to do better?
• Handwriting- D
• Behaviour in class- some of us need to develop a more growth mind-set
• To write more in our writing-E
• To expand my vocabulary for writing-M

What do we want to do more of?
• PE- using the gym equipment is amazing- All
• IDL- Looking forward to completing our house models/pictures
• Science- Electronics-M

Star Moments

Daily MM- D


Using ropes in PE-M & D



This Week in P5JD

What’s gone well?
·         Roy Lichtenstein Onomatopoeia Pop Art- L

·         Numeracy- Telling the Time- E, A

·         BMBT- J

·         Seeing all my friends again- all


What do we need to do better?
·         More teaching about telling the time in different ways-A, L & E

·         Better listening- A

What do we want to do more of?
·         Art and personal reading- L

·         Telling the time- A

·         Maths- E

·         More maths tests and games and IDL- J

Star Moments

  • My Score in BMBT- J
  • PE- L & E
  • Telling the time-A


This week in P5JD

What’s gone well?
• Art- Art was enjoyable this week- We made hand printed Pop Art in the style of Andy Warhol- D & N
• Numeracy- We practised our times tables with partners by playing dice games- A
• We used Board games as a way of practising skills like turn taking and following instructions- A & N
• Art- We also made seasonal art using chalks, charcoal and pastels- Some of us chose landscapes and others snowmen- A & J

What do we need to do better?
• More practise with multiplying- I could use Topmarks and Sumdog at home- D
• More practise with new things in numeracy- N
• Try to avoid getting distracted- A

What do we want to do more of?
• We would like to find out more about other Pop Artists and try to make our own pictures in their style- N & A
• Countdown for maths- A
• Researching famous people using online search engines-N
• Story Writing- D
• Using Chalks and charcoal to create pictures- J

  • Star Moment-My Pop Art Hand print-N
  • Star Moment-Countdown in Maths- A
  • Star Moment- My Seasonal Picture-J

This week in P5JD

What’s gone well?
• Literacy- In writing we used a Jam board to make a word bank and I was pleased with my use of onomatopoeia- N
• Numeracy- I was able to link fact families and arrays and did well in my Daily Mental maths- K
• IDL- I have been doing a personal project on cars and was pleased with my illustrations- J
• Music- This week we rehearsed and recorded out Christmas songs for the Christmas Spectacular. We sang Felice Navidad and Walking in a Winter Wonderland- L

What do we need to do better?
• We need to get better at speaking German- we have started but I would like to learn more-N
• I need to listen better- K
• I need to use my times tables strategies more-L
• As a class we need to make sure that people are not shouting out.- J

What do we want to do more of?
• Health- We would like to learn more about the UNCRC and find out about the lives of children around the world.-N
• Art- We would like to do more drawing with oil pastels and painting- J and L
• Numeracy- More times tables challenges and games- K

Star Moments

My Foster care poster-N

Class singing for Christmas Spectacular- L

Making my Car book-J



This week in P5JD

What’s gone well?
• Big Maths Beat- I got full marks in my Big Maths- D & A
• Health & Wellbeing -Our Foster Care posters were very eye-catching-D & A
• I enjoyed writing my imaginative Cold piece of writing- J
• I improved my score in my BMBT this week- K
• Technologies- My plasticine model of my Mythical creature looks very detailed.-D

What do we need to do better?
• Some people need to listen better in class- D
• Some people need to remember class rules and put up hands when they want to ask a question or answer one- J
• We need to be better organised at tidying as the cleaner’s left us a note-D & K

What do we want to do more of?
• Using modelling materials in technologies and art- D
• Read more of our class novel, ‘Harry Potter’ -A
• More imaginative writing/Free writing.- J
• More practising of time stables- K

Star Moments

Big Maths Beat That  top score and time-D

My Top score in Beat That- K & A

My Foster Care poster-J




This week in P5JD

What’s gone well

  • Class Novel-We are excited to be doing Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone as our class novel.
  • Daily Mental Maths- we are enjoying learning our outer numeracy through daily practise
  • BMBT-some of us achieved our best scores and times in our weekly times tables and number bond test
  • Reading with our P2 buddies- They were polite, good listeners and  we enjoyed reading and playing games with games

What do we need to do better

  • Some of us need to be more resilient when learning  new things
  • As a class we need to be more organised when getting prepared/organised
  • We need to get better at working in groups, taking turns and listening to others

We would we like more

  • Reading/Crafting with our P2’s buddies
  • Our new Class Novel
  • Numeracy tasks which require working with partners


  • E- visiting the P2 class
  • D & N-Best times/scores in BMBT

This week in P5JD

What’s gone well this week

  • Numeracy- because I have trying my hardest to move up a group and have achieved that.
  • Numeracy- because I enjoy numeracy and I enjoy the challenge
  •  Numeracy- Have been improving and got my best score in my Beat That
  • Numeracy- I am happy that I am going to move up a numeracy group next week.
  • Technologies- because I have been successful in building a robot.  Writing- I think I did well in using the correct punctuation in my Harry Potter story.
  • Writing- because I did well in using the speech and action together.
  • Assembly- our class assembly was a great success with lots of parents/carers watching live

What do we need to do better?

  •   Listening- We need to become better listeners
  • Telling the time- some of us need to practise telling the time in analogue and digital formats
  •  Strategies for finding number bonds and times tables
  • Measuring using rulers to measure millimetres and converting them

What do we want to do more of?

  • Art- especially in the style of Van Gogh
  • Music- Singing
  • Science- make glow in the dark rocks
  • Technologies- build electric and mechanical robots


This week in P5JD

In numeracy we have been choosing maths games to help us learn different areas in maths. Some us chose to work on telling the time, others using money or multiplying and dividing. It helps us to share our learning with classmates.

In literacy we wrote a spooky story and used strategies like short sentences, creepy adjectives, and ellipsis to create suspense. We will be able to use these again when we start writing based on Harry Potter next week.

Other- We have been working on our class assembly for next week and have been recording clips talking about our proudest achievements in P5. We have also been finding out about COP 26 and how we can play our part and have made our own pledges to make small changes that will add up to a big difference

This week in P5JD


In art we finished our versions of Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’. we drew our pictures in pencil, then added oil pastels/wax crayons and finally added a watercolour wash. We displayed our finished pictures in the corridor.


This week we tried a technique called ‘Slow Writing’. We wrote down 5 sentences to describe a scene but had to include different punctuation and grammar in each one. We used the Chromebooks to type our stories and uploaded to Google Classroom.


This week in numeracy we looked at division. We started by exploring Fact families to link division to times tables. After that we looked at the algorithm method and tried some examples on our whiteboards.