Bird Feeders

The snow has just about cleared, but the weather forecast is saying we are about to get lots more!

Today we made some bird feeders and bird snacks in class. We know that winter is hard for the birds in our garden when the snow is deep on the ground.

To make the bird feeders we mixed lard with sultanas and bird seed. It was very messy but brilliant fun. The lard was a bit smelly though!

Getting the mixture ready for the feeders.

When we had mixed it thoroughly we packed it into plastic cups. We had already threaded some string through the middle to hang them up. We put them in the fridge to harden.

Ready for the birds!

We also made some bird snacks by covering fir cones with lard and then rolling them in sunflower seeds.

A selection of sunflower snacks.

Later on in the morning we had a special eco assembly and Rhys, Archie and Taylor showed what we had been doing to the rest of the Primary 1, 2’s and 3’s.

The boys with Miss Deans, our Head Teacher.

Phew! What a busy morning!

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