Firework Art on Friday

As you may have noticed from previous posts, we always do an art lesson on Friday afternoons, before our Golden Time.

This week we are working on a class art project. We used a large sheet of black paper and took it in turns to throw kitchen roll soaked in fluorescent paint at it. The paint “splatted out” to look like fireworks. It is a work in progress as we will have to finish it next week, once the kitchen roll “splats” have dried.

We thought you might like to have a look at the fun we had making it in the meantime!

Mixing the paint.
To be finished next week ...........

Magnetic Science

On Tuesday mornings Mr Robb comes to teach us science.  At the moment our science topic is forces and we are learning about magnets.  We have learned that a magnet has poles at either end and when the opposite poles pull together it is called attraction and when like poles meet they repel (push apart).

This Tuesday we made kites with a woollen tail, attached a paper clip and experimented to see if we could pull the kites up in the air with a magnet while the end of it’s tail was still touching the floor. 

We are loving our science lessons!

Getting ready to test.

Making Friends around the World

This year we are going to be penfriends with a fourth grade class (Primary 5) in America. Their school is in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. They wrote to us before the October holiday and we sent off our replies this week.

Through their teacher, Jennifer Colvin, we are also exchanging postcards with all the American States (all 50). We have already started receiving postcards. We are going to make our own and hope to start sending them soon.

Some of our postcards.

We are also participating in some mini projects with an elementary class in Taiwan

They have written to us about the Chinese Moon festival.  We learned about the legend of the festival and sequenced and illustrated the story.

Here is a video.

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="344" allowfullscreen="true" fvars="fs=1" /]

We also watched a video about the making of mooncakes, which is a traditional delicacy eaten at this time.  We thought they looked yummy!

In return, we learned about the traditions associated with Hogmanay in Scotland and we made posters and sent these to Taiwan along with some information about ourselves.

Our posters about Hogmanay to send to Taiwan.
All about ourselves!

We are really looking forward to keeping in touch with our friends throughout the year.

Our Local Area with Flat Stanley

We have been investigating houses and homes in our local area with Flat Stanley.  This week we went out with Mrs Campbell to take some photographs of houses around our school, made collages of our own homes and during our Walk on Wednesday we looked out for examples of street furniture and took more photographs. 

We are also drawing maps of the route we walk from school to home.  We are doing this for our homework this week.  Flat Stanley was bit worried that he would forget how to get to our houses if he was ever invited back for tea!!

Is Flat Stanley looking for a new house?
Working on our collages.
All finished!