9.3.18 5A

Well done for all the great activities you did during our snow days.

This week we learned how to multiply by 2 digits to 2 digits. We are continuing to work on our multiplication tables and we were getting quite fast playing Buzz. We also started work on analogue time, minutes past, minutes to , am and pm. We found digital time easier.

Although we missed the RBS coming in to work with us for our “Party Plan”, next week we are going ahead with it and some P7 pupils will be helping us.

Fairtrade Fortnight

We were learning more about Fairtrade and we completed our footballs for the competition at Linlithgow primary tonight. We played the banana game in class.

For science we continued investigating separation this time by evaporation. We separated a solution of salt water by heating the solution over a candle. There were great salt crystals at the end.

For literacy we completes our grids for comparing life in the Palace with life as a lowlander and we are now ready for our visit to Linlithgow Palace on Monday morning. We drew pencil portraits of the important people in Mary Queen of Scots Life.