Primary 1B – w/e 1st March 2019

We have had a busy week in Primary 1b.

As part of our transport focus, we have begun to construct our class train station.  We came up with lots of ideas for signs which we would need in the station.  We decided we would like to build a train for the station and have had great fun painting our train engine and carriages.  We can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s finished!  Construction pictures will follow next week!

In Literacy we have been practising our new tricky words – all and some – and have learned 2 new digraphs – ee and ea.  We have been working hard blending words together using our magnetic letters and have successfully been matching pictures and words.

In Numeracy we have been continuing our work on Subtraction.  We made a human number line in the playground and enjoyed working out who would be the answer to the subtraction questions we came up with.  We also had fun working in pairs, writing our calculations in chalk on the playground.

Our first session of block play with P3 went very well.  As you can see the construction was impressive!

As part of Fairtrade Fortnight, the class had a visit from the Linlithgow Fairtrade group on Wednesday and learned about different types of Fairtrade products.  They had the chance to taste a little piece of Fairtrade chocolate too which they enjoyed!

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Reid and Primary 1B





P7b Weekly Blog

Numeracy and Mathematics

Capacity – ‘the maximum amount something can contain’
Volume  – ‘the space that an object or substance occupies’

We’ve been reminding ourselves of the difference between these terms this week and building on our learning from last week. On Monday and Tuesday we rotated round a carousel of activities; estimating volume, measuring volume, converting between different units of measurement and ordering volumes by size. Robbie proved to be the most accurate estimator of volume as he found 500ml and 750ml of water exactly. On Wednesday we all became baristas as we made some mocktails. We had to carefully follow each recipe to ensure we included exactly the right amount of each coloured juice. Having made the mocktails from the menu, we concocted our own and named it! We found there to be a number of factors that could influence the accuracy of our measurements, and we improved as we progressed through the recipes.

Next week we will be consolidating our learning of written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Health and Wellbeing

Our brains were put to the test again this week in football. We worked with a partner to carry out some mirrored dribbling exercises. One person had a football whilst their partner was the leader. As the leader moved, the other person had to mimic this, e.g. they move forwards = move back, to their right = move left. We then switched the roles and the person dribbling became the leader. Mr. Logan noticed we were getting the hang of this, so our footballs were exchanged for tennis balls with a focus on using the sole of the foot to manipulate a smaller object. We finished with some 2v2 attacking and defending situations and will progress to 2v1 attacking scenarios next week. Have a look at SF and RWi below as they demonstrate mirrored dribbling with a tennis ball.

In Health and Wellbeing, we also finished with our series of lessons focusing on internet safety. This week’s lesson was called ‘Codebreaker’ and we were tasked with trying to create strong passwords. Firstly, we were given two random children and some basic details about them. From the clues provided we had to make reasoned guesses as to what their passwords would be. The fact that we were able to do so highlighted the importance of using random combinations of upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers and symbols to create passwords which are difficult to predict. We have a greater understanding of how to protect our online accounts and data, and it was interesting how many people said they would be changing some passwords when they got home.


Mr. Logan was delighted to see that everyone had made the effort to dress down in something wacky in support of Fairtrade on Friday. The costumes and outfits were brilliant, and made it very tricky to choose 5 winners. MF was given 5th place for her banana costume effort and AS was 4th in her Hawaiian gear. HR scooped 3rd place for his random assortment of dressing gown, school tie, sunglasses and cap whilst AE-C was second with too many hair baubles to count! Our class winner was RD who took bright colours and wackiness to a whole new level. Well done everyone! Great effort for a great cause!

World War II

We began our studies of World War II this week to much excitement from the class. Hearing the radio broadcast from Neville Chamberlain declaring war on Germany really made us think about the emotions people would have felt at this time in 1939. Having listened to this, we carried out some research on the Allies and Axis, countries within these factions and who their leaders were. It was noted that in 1940, Great Britain changed Prime Minister to Winston Churchill whilst Russia, or the Soviet Union, changed allegiances after a surprise invasion. We finished the week by sketching World War II leaders with Mrs. Doran. This was tricky as we were only given half of the leaders picture and had to sketch what we thought the other half would look like. You’ll see these displayed in class soon, so come and have a look!

Happy Weekend!

P7b and Mr. Logan

9.3.18 5A

Well done for all the great activities you did during our snow days.

This week we learned how to multiply by 2 digits to 2 digits. We are continuing to work on our multiplication tables and we were getting quite fast playing Buzz. We also started work on analogue time, minutes past, minutes to , am and pm. We found digital time easier.

Although we missed the RBS coming in to work with us for our “Party Plan”, next week we are going ahead with it and some P7 pupils will be helping us.

Fairtrade Fortnight

We were learning more about Fairtrade and we completed our footballs for the competition at Linlithgow primary tonight. We played the banana game in class.

For science we continued investigating separation this time by evaporation. We separated a solution of salt water by heating the solution over a candle. There were great salt crystals at the end.

For literacy we completes our grids for comparing life in the Palace with life as a lowlander and we are now ready for our visit to Linlithgow Palace on Monday morning. We drew pencil portraits of the important people in Mary Queen of Scots Life.