P3 Coding

Primary 3 have been┬ádeveloping their first level computing science skills by learning about and using coding. We learned that coding is the language used to create computer programs. It’s a set of instructions that a computer can understand. In pairs, we created sequences of instructions then ran our programs to see if we could get the characters to complete a challenge.We had to use our problem solving skills, directional knowledge and perseverance to work out how to do it. Her is the link in case anyone wants to try it at home but please only do the Moana activity as we will be looking at the others over the next few weeks.


It was fun! – Lily-Rose

It’s good for learning dirctions like left and right – Zahra

It was hard at some points but we finally managed it – Evie

Some of it was problem solving – Liam

It was good to learn coding – Cameron

Some of the levels are easy and some are hard, we worked together to do them – Safiyyah

When we spotted the pattern it was good – Samuel

It was exciting – Harry