Online safety Message for Parents

Advice regarding use of and streaming apps

Following on from a number of incidents involving children from across the UK, we would like to raise awareness of the above apps and share the following information with parents:

1.       The terms and conditions state all users must be at least 13 years of age.

2.       Users may be exposed to adult content.

3.       Live streaming is not fully private even when privacy settings are set to on.

4.       Users are able to search for other users close to their location.

For further information about potential risks to children please visit the following pages:

P3 Sound

In Science, we are going to be learning about Sound. Yesterday we brainstormed what we already knew, what we want to learn and how we want to learn about it. Here are our findings!

What do we know about sound?

You can hear lots of sounds…

Birds tweeting or singing, footsteps, animal sounds, leaves rustling, animals running, bees buzzing, people talking, car engines, wing blowing, hailstones or rain falling, phones ringing, leaves falling off the trees, chicks chirping, dropping seeds, flowers growing.

Sounds are noises

Sound is loud

Sound is important

Sound is fun to listen to

Sound is cool

People like to listen to sounds

Some sounds are not good to listen to!

Light comes before sound

When you put a shell to your ear you can hear the sea

We make sound

We hear sound

Sound helps us know where things are

Sounds help us to learn

Sound helps us to understand

Animals hear


What do we want to know about sound?

How is sound created?

What happens if someone can’t hear?

How do sounds happen?

Is talking a type of sound?

How does sound work?

Where does sound come from?

How do we hear?


How do we want to learn about sound?

Go somewhere to find out

Watch a video or TV