More from P1

This week has been very busy and exciting in Primary One.  As well as the aforementioned collaboration with P3, we also did some clever problem solving in maths and had a cricket lesson as well!  Here some evidence.  Unfortunately it will not let me add anymore photos.  We’ll try to show the cricket ones next week.  Have a lovely weekend everyone.

P3 and P1 Collaboration

Today Primary 3 pupils buddied up with Primary 1 pupils to share their fabulous fictional bee stories. After sharing and discussing the story, they then collaborated to illustrate the writing. We ran out of time but will continue next week to finish. We then hope to display the finished products on the bee wall and in our classrooms. Here are a few snaps from those working in the P1 classroom.

P3 and P1 Bee Stories

Primary 3 have been using our pollination focus to help with our imaginative writing. We worked in pairs to think of problems bees might face then wrote our stories together. It was great to try out our ideas with our partner and to put our brains together to check our spelling and punctuation. When we had finished our stories we shared them with Primary 1. They listened to our stories then helped us to illustrate them with pictures of what they had heard about in our stories. It was great to share our bee stories with the P1 experts!