P3 Maths Marathon!!

It’s been a very exciting day in Primary 3! We took part in our very first Sumdog National Competition. It runs for a week and each pupil needs to answer 1000 Maths questions, set by Sumdog at their current level. All pupils in P3 have completed their online training which enables Sumdog to identify the level individual pupils are working at. Sumdog then presents pupils with level appropriate Maths questions which get progressively more challenging¬†as pupils develop their skills, speed, accuracy and confidence. The teachers are able to instantly view pupils’ progress, areas of confidence and development and provide instantaneous feedback to pupils, in addition to the recognition given by Sumdog.

In the National Competition there are currently 138 qualified classes (with many more still to begin) and of those 138, P3 at Bellsquarry Primary are currently in 1st place! Class positions are decided by an average of accuracy and speed across all pupils participating in that class. We have two individual pupils in the national 2nd and 3rd place  Рthere are 3552 pupils competing! With 6 days to go there are still lots of classes that could overtake us but what an achievement so far! Lots of pupils have still to finish so hopefully our average score will become even better too!

Sumdog is currently only to be used in school, however, we are all looking forward to using it at home too after the Easter holidays!