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Pentland news!

It has been so good to get back to school again after such a long time away!  The children have been really busy with all their activities and we have had a few sleepy heads by the afternoon some days.  We have introduced some new things on our timetables over the last few weeks as well as exploring some favourite activities too!

Cole has really liked getting time outside again to explore Duntarvie garden, Campsie play area and the sensory garden.  Even the rain didn’t stop him having fun.  He has been working really well on his independent work tasks and is enjoying his favourite rewards after work – the spinning chair and the trampoline.

Megan has loved time in the nursery softplay and running around outside on the soft grass in Duntarvie garden.  She likes our new Sensology group where we explore different resources.  She especially enjoys the smelling tubs just now!  We have added lots of new toys to her free choice box so she has been busy playing with them every morning.

Ruaridh has settled back to the school routine really quickly and has been checking his timetable every morning to see what will be happening.  He has enjoyed our deep pressure massage group a lot, especially the bug massager which he likes to hold against his ear and cheeks.  He has loved softplay too, so much so that he doesn’t want to leave!

Benjamin has been enjoying getting to know his new classmates.  He is having fun exploring softplay and the garden again.  He’s working really well on his TEACCH activities too.  Our afternoon relaxation groups are a real favourite for him as he enjoys lying down and interacting with staff.

Ethan has really enjoyed all our music and movement groups as he loves to dance!  He has been working hard on is work tasks and has taken a real interest in drawing this term which is great.  He likes to relax at our Sensology and Tac Pac groups after a long day.  Time outside is always popular too as he loves exploring the gardens and playground.

Sean has been exploring lots of new activities in class and has been working hard on his TEACCH tasks.  He has enjoyed relaxing in the quiet corner with the bubble tube in between his timetable sessions.  Softplay has been a huge hit too as he loves throwing out all the balls from the ball pit.  Keeps all the staff fit throwing them back in again!

What a busy start to the term!


Centre of Excellence Award

We are delighted to share the news that we have been awarded a Centre of Excellence Award for Story Massage.  A number of our staff are now trained in this approach and our pupils have been enjoying lots of new stories through touch.  Our classes may have already started sharing some of these with you in your child’s diary or in their Learning Journal.