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Term 4 in Harburn

Well this has been an unusual term!! Harburn team would like to say a huge “thank you” to all the parents and pupils of Harburn for taking part in the activities we send home and keeping us up to date with fantastic photos of learning activities at home.  As all 5 of our pupils get ready to move onto P1 we have been busy with passing on lots of information about each of them to their new school and class teams.  It is an exciting and unusual time for them all but we wish them all the very best as they start on this new adventure and know that they will bring lots of happiness with all their smiles and cheeky antics!

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your lives for the last year.  Have a fantastic summer break and work hard in P1.

Harburn team

Harburn – Term 3

Harburn have been very busy this term.  We have started a new group with Aisling (music therapist).  Aisling comes to our class on a Wednesday and has been bringing lots of different instruments for us to try.  S particularly liked the steeldrum and was keen to try to play the notes that Aisling asked for (these were written onto the drum for him to find).  C has also been really interested in the guitar and likes to strum it while Aisling is singing to other pupils, his concentration during this group has greatly increased and he is now happy to join in rather than choosing to sit at the toys in a different area of the class.

We have been out for a few litter picks this term – F was showing how high he can count by counting the different pieces of litter we found lying around.  The boys had to work together for this as one person had to help hold the bag while the other used the grabbers to lift the litter.  We then sorted it into what could be recycled when we got back to school.

Lots of hand washing has been taking place (more than usual) this term.  The boys are all being very patient with us as they are taken so many times to the changing area to have their hands washed.  We sing a little song so that we know we have washed for long enough before rinsing the soap off.

This term our topic has been “people who help us”.  We have had a visit from the police and the fire fighters.  Most of our class thoroughly enjoyed these visits however it was a little noisy for some and so they watched from a distance.  The pupils had a turn with the fire engine’s hose and in the driver’s seat of the police car.  We have been dressing up and being doctors, nurses, dentists, police and army soldiers.   F particularly enjoyed being a doctor – he was full of smiles and posing in the mirror! We shared sensory stories about going to the dentist and then all took turns at cleaning our “pet dog’s” teeth.

Even though this term has been cut short we managed to fit lots in and we look forward to seeing photos on learner’s journals of what you’ve all been getting up to!

Stay safe everyone 🙂


Merry Christmas from Harburn!

This term Harburn have been busy on a Seasonal Exploration.  We took advantage of the rain and got all our waterproofs on to go out and splash in the puddles – Fernando and Scott had a great time!  Scott even managed to use his new walker outside for a short time – well done Scott!  We have been out and about in the local area to look at the changes to the trees as we moved from autumn to winter and collected lots of pine cones, twigs and leaves to explore when we got back to the class.

At the end of November we celebrated St Andrew’s day by making some shortbread for our snack and having a ceilidh in the class.

Once December started we got all Christmassy…we went from 5 pupils to 6 with the addition of our cheeky elf Tinsel.  The boys in Harburn really enjoyed taking elfie selfies with Tinsel and other pupils from around the school and helping to make sure that Tinsel got involved in all our class activities.  Throughout the month we completed lots of different arts and crafts.  Fraser was not so sure about making a reindeer to send home to begin with but he did have a go and made fantastic decorations to take home.  Callan has started to enjoy art activities and will have a go independently.

One of our highlights was the Christmas Carnival – we were acrobats.  We used the hoops to spin around in (with the help of a chair!) and had our very own strongman.

Next term we will finish off our seasonal exploration topic by thinking about winter and then we will be thinking about “People who help us”.

We hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and a happy new year from everyone in Harburn!

Cool Creatures visit the nursery!

On Friday to celebrate World Animal day the nursery classes had a visit from Cool Creatures.  Calum brought five different animals to come and meet us – Brave the Meerkat, Snuffles the Common Tenrec, TipToe the Tortoise, Rocky The Bearded Dragon, and Monty the Royal Python.  Our pupils were all very brave meeting the animals and a few were even happy to let the animals sit on their heads!  Have a look at our photos to see all the fun we had…

International Stress Awareness Day

To help make sure none of our friends were stressed, Lomond invited all the classes to our Spa.  Lots of people came throughout the day and were able to choose what they wanted to do to relax.  Some people chose the foot spas and sat together while listening to relaxing music.  Others opted for a hand or foot massage in the sensory area.  It was a very relaxing day for Lomond with all the massages and we hope everyone who came along enjoyed it and felt relaxed and stress free too!

Welcome to Lomond!

There have been lots of changes in Lomond for this year – we have welcomed 4 new pupils and swapped 3 members of staff!  We have started the year by helping a friendly dragon to rebuild Fairyland.  We have been sharing lots of stories together and exploring different materials in order to build important things from the story.  So far we have a giant beanstalk and some nice new houses for the Three Little Pigs.

We still have blocks of swimming and horse riding which are always firm favourites and have been having a go at football while in our walking frames – keeping us very active!

We will be having a meet the team event in class very soon to give us the chance to meet you  – we will put information in the diaries…