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Scottish Opera performance

On Monday 5th June, Dunrossness, Sandwick and Cunningsburgh P6&7s came together for the big day that we have been practising for. We had a practice during the morning and then our dress rehearsal in the afternoon and then the performance at 2pm.

The children performed really well and Ms Scanlan was very proud of everyone. Victoria gets a special mention for her part as the devil!

NSPCC visit

Heather White came to visit us today to explain what the NSPCC does and why it is so important.

Their motto is ‘speak out and stay safe’

Ms White told us about three important children’s rights:

  • to speak to be heard
  • to be safe
  • to get help when you need it

She showed us the bag of worries and explained how it can get filled and how we can find ways to empty it.

Ms White explained that there are 5 different forms of abuse:

  • Neglect
  • physical abuse
  • emotional abuse
  • sexual abuse
  • bullying

and why abuse is not okay, or a child’s fault.

We shared ideas about who are trusted adults who could help us.

After she spoke to the P4-6s at assembly, all the P6s had a further workshop to discuss and think about lots of safety issues.

Tree Identification

Following on from the Terrific Scientific project, Primary 6/7 made the most of the good weather, to go and make identification sketches of the trees. The trees that we planted a few years ago are growing well. There were lots of birds feeding in the area and bumblebees flying around. We also caught a big ground beetle.


RSPB Big Schools Bird Watch

On Friday afternoon Matthew Smith, a volunteer from the RSPB came to help us with our hour of birdwatching. We took it in turns to go out in groups, while the rest of the class made fatballs to feed the birds and did some drawings of some of the birds that we are likely to see from the classroom.

We have started to see quite a few species, since we have been putting feed out. We also saw a lot of waders starting to come through after all the wind this week. We’ve all seen redshank, curlew and oystercatchers and we’re learning to identify a few of the gull species too. There are always lots of starlings around and house sparrows and a robin came to feed a couple of weeks ago.

Ms Scanlan is going to upload the species that we saw onto the RSPB website.

img_1410 img_1411 img_1412