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Kenyan Penpals

During the October holidays Ms Scanlan received an email from Lomayana school, full of wonderful messages and pictures for the class. It is always lovely to see the beautiful designs and drawings that they send and it’s great to hear back from them all and see how they are getting on.

Here is a photo of the class with their messages.

P7 Leavers Assembly

On Friday afternoon we did our final assembly. We each showed some of our special talents. Some people played musical instruments or sang a song and others showed a video of their skills. The P6s did a little presentation to say goodbye to us! At the end we preformed a song that a group of people wrote especially for the assembly called ‘As The Years Go By.’ Then Mrs Henderson and Mrs Hay gave us a little present, it was a great way to say goodbye! We all had a really good afternoon. By Emily and Eve

Here are some photos from our assembly.

Even some parents were given leaving certificates!






Loch Insh Trip – Day 1

Wow! What a busy day.

We were all up at 6 for breakfast on the boat. The bairns all did ever so well again, being polite and well behaved. They all left their cabins ship shape!

We left Aberdeen at 7.30. A lot of excited chatter from all the bairns on the bus. We stopped at Tesco in Huntley for a snack and then set off for Landmark.

We arrived at 11am. The bairns really enjoyed exploring the park and challenged themselves to try the activities.  They were all very independent and responsible.  A lot of supporting and encouraging each other.

We set off for Loch Insh and arrived at 4pm.  We had dinner at 4.30 and then had a short while to unpack before having our briefing talk.

The first activity was called ‘Wayfind’ and it was exactly that. Teams of 4 used map reading skills to solve clues. This all helped the bairns find their way around the site.

Supper and phone time followed at 9. Lots of the bairns were asking to go to bed! They have had a very busy day and were all tired! No wonder.

They are all asleep now and I’m looking forward to our first full day in Loch Insh. It is absolutely beautiful here. I’m sure we will have an excellent day tomorrow. I only ask for a little more wind to blow the midges away!


Primary 4/5 Try Out Our Rainforest Games

Primary 4/5 came through today to try out the rainforest games that we had made.

Everyone had a good time. After P4/5 went back to their class we spent time discussing any changes we could make to our games to improve them further. It was a really enjoyable and useful session.

Here are some comments from P4/5.

Emma: I really enjoyed playing all of the rainforest games and I learned lots and I really didn’t know that chimpanzees spent a lot of their time on the ground. You guys and girls have worked really hard.

Frankie: I think they were really good. Some were a bit short and I learned a lot.

Liam: I really liked playing your games. My favourite game was the Top Trumps. I learned a lot about animals like hummingbirds and the South African chimpanzee.

IIsaiah: I really liked them and I learned a lot. I really liked Michaela and Jemima’s game and learnt a lot.

I loved playing the games but I loved Cery’s game the most. I learned that cheetahs are the fastest animal in the whole world.

Tory: I thought it was very, very, very, good fun especially the Top Trumps because the leopard had 93 strength and I learnt a lot about rainforests. Thank you to all of P6/7.

Roman: They were very good, the best home-made games I have ever played. My favourite was AJ, Michael and Bertie’s Temple of Doom.

Abi: I really enjoyed all the games I played. I learnt a lot about rainforests and I can’t believe that in 2030 there might just be about 10% of rainforests left! I would love to try them all again.

Ellie: I really enjoyed playing the games, I want to go back! I learned that in 2030 there will be about 10% of our rainforests left!         Thank you

Evie: I really did enjoy all the games I played and it would like to do some more. I would like to play Cerys’ game.

Hayden:I liked playing the games and my favourite one was the Top Trumps and I learned that a hummingbird’s speed was 91.

Isabel: I really enjoyed all of the games but I really enjoyed Michaela’s and Jemima’s and I learnt a lot about some different animals. Thank you.

Bella: I enjoyed all the games I got to play. In the first game I played I liked learning new facts. In the Top Trump game I liked how you learnt the speed, size, stealth and strength of different animals. In the last game with Emmy and Zara then whenever you landed on a certain space you got a card and it told you a fact and at the end of the fact it said either miss a go or have another go. That game was really long and we didn’t even get halfway to the middle.The last game we played was my favourite but I liked all the games I played. They were fun.








Tree Planting in the School Grounds

We had a super time helping to plant new trees and cuttings in and around the school.

The weather was brilliant and we even had Sid, the cat, helping us in our work.

We were split into two groups, with one group planting willow cuttings in a wet corner of the nature garden. Luckily, because of the wet soil, it was quite easy to push the willows down into the ground, although we did have a spade and fork if needed.

The other group worked with John to plant a variety of trees outside the Primary 1/2 classroom and Music Room.

As this was a much drier area we had to use a hose to soak the ground and give the newly planted trees a drink.

We will have to put in temporary shelter fencing to protect the new trees over the autumn and winter.

We really hope the new trees and cuttings take hold and grow as well as those we planted in previous years.

A fun time was had by all. We even had time, later on, to sketch some of the established trees and enjoy reading our books surrounded by our growing ‘forest’.


SMUHA 2018- A brilliant day!

Primary 7 Jarl Squad- ready for the big day!

Michaela- The Jarl……enjoying every minute of the celebrations.

Michaela commented, “SMUHA is one of the best days of the year and having the honour of being the Jarl makes it even better.”

Today is SMUHA and I was part of our school Jarl Squad. First of all we came into school and got into costume, and got our helmets and cloaks. Then we headed outside and it was very cold but I soon warmed up. As we were walking to the football pitch everyone started singing the Up Helly Aa song and The Galley Song, over and over again, until we got there. (My throat was very sore!) After that everyone threw their torches into the galley. We watched it burn for a little while and then went over to the Boddam Hall for snack and to do our acts.

Our act was called The Axe Factor. After all the practising it turned out really good! It was a brilliant day but it was hard keeping it a secret.  Written by Emily

Today was SMUHA 2018. I was in the P7 Jarl Squad. It was a very good experience. At 09:15 we left to go to the Boddam football pitch  where we burned the galley, which was named Lia after Lena, lsaiah and Alex. Then we went into Boddam Hall to do the acts and to wait for the real 2018 Jarl Squad to come. The Squad acts were very good. I especially liked the one about the teacher disco. For our Squad act it was The Axe Factor. After the act a lot of people (mainly P5/6 boys) said, “The cringe crew should have won!” But it doesn’t really matter.

When the real Jarl Squad came it was really good and they could sing so loud! After all that we went out to see the big galley. Then we went back to school. All in all it was an amazing day; the  costumes, act and everything else in between. I also enjoyed all the support, from, what they called themselves, ‘No 1 Cringe Crew fans’.  SMUHA was amazing and I would love to do it again. By Ciaran

Carys said, “ It was a great day, I loved it. I really liked seeing the big Jarl Squad and I’ve got a sore throat from all the singing!”

”It was really great fun. I would do it all again. Michaela was a really good Jarl.” (Niamh)

Emmy commented, “I really enjoyed the Squad acts and it was worth the wait.”

”It was amazing and I would love to do it all again,” said Ayla.

”I really enjoyed walking down to the pitch. Everyone was singing and cheering as loud as they could,” said Lauryn.

”It was amazing. I really enjoyed seeing the big a Jarl Squad and their galley.” (Lily-Jane)

Primary 6/7 WWII Assembly

After several weeks of preparing and rehearsing, Wednesday the 14th finally came. We all loved the assembly and from what they said afterwards we think the audience thought it was AMAZING! We all went into different groups and we made all our own PowerPoints and props, and although we did most of it ourselves we had a little help from Mrs Hay and Mrs Wells.  After all our presentations were finished, we did a play about evacuees which was  really fun, we also got a few laughs from the audience! To finish our assembly the accordions (Fearghas, Michaela, Jacob),  fiddles (Emily,Cerys,Jemima) and flute (Lauryn) played  ‘The White Cliffs of Doverwith the rest of the class singing We even got a couple of tears. We all loved it!

The ‘Evacuees’ play

Written by Niamh and Carys