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Primary 4/5 Try Out Our Rainforest Games

Primary 4/5 came through today to try out the rainforest games that we had made.

Everyone had a good time. After P4/5 went back to their class we spent time discussing any changes we could make to our games to improve them further. It was a really enjoyable and useful session.

Here are some comments from P4/5.

Emma: I really enjoyed playing all of the rainforest games and I learned lots and I really didn’t know that chimpanzees spent a lot of their time on the ground. You guys and girls have worked really hard.

Frankie: I think they were really good. Some were a bit short and I learned a lot.

Liam: I really liked playing your games. My favourite game was the Top Trumps. I learned a lot about animals like hummingbirds and the South African chimpanzee.

IIsaiah: I really liked them and I learned a lot. I really liked Michaela and Jemima’s game and learnt a lot.

I loved playing the games but I loved Cery’s game the most. I learned that cheetahs are the fastest animal in the whole world.

Tory: I thought it was very, very, very, good fun especially the Top Trumps because the leopard had 93 strength and I learnt a lot about rainforests. Thank you to all of P6/7.

Roman: They were very good, the best home-made games I have ever played. My favourite was AJ, Michael and Bertie’s Temple of Doom.

Abi: I really enjoyed all the games I played. I learnt a lot about rainforests and I can’t believe that in 2030 there might just be about 10% of rainforests left! I would love to try them all again.

Ellie: I really enjoyed playing the games, I want to go back! I learned that in 2030 there will be about 10% of our rainforests left!         Thank you

Evie: I really did enjoy all the games I played and it would like to do some more. I would like to play Cerys’ game.

Hayden:I liked playing the games and my favourite one was the Top Trumps and I learned that a hummingbird’s speed was 91.

Isabel: I really enjoyed all of the games but I really enjoyed Michaela’s and Jemima’s and I learnt a lot about some different animals. Thank you.

Bella: I enjoyed all the games I got to play. In the first game I played I liked learning new facts. In the Top Trump game I liked how you learnt the speed, size, stealth and strength of different animals. In the last game with Emmy and Zara then whenever you landed on a certain space you got a card and it told you a fact and at the end of the fact it said either miss a go or have another go. That game was really long and we didn’t even get halfway to the middle.The last game we played was my favourite but I liked all the games I played. They were fun.