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P7M Homework – Monday 12th June

Complete each task to the best of your ability. Please let me know if you are struggling with any task or need advice, as soon as possible. Ask your parent/carer to write a note if you are unable to  attempt any task. As always, if you require a  paper copy of any of the homework tasks, just ask. Thank you, Miss McDowall.


  • Reading – please read and finish your new book for:
    • Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue groups – Monday 19th June
    • Purple – Monday 19th June



  • P.E. – Thursday (cricket) and Friday (cricket)
  • Practise the songs for the Leavers’ Assembly on MonTuesday 27th June, 1.45pm. Click here to access the songs and lyrics.

P5S – Basketball 2

Image result for basketball

Today Anna came in for your second basketball lesson. This week you were adding to the skills learned in our previous lesson.

You were shown how to stand for perfect shooting opportunities – with two feet apart! Anna also taught us all about the B.E.E.F technique:  B: Balance    E: Eyes    E: Elbows    F: Follow Through. You then used this technique in some shooting practice. How did you do? Did you remember to use what you had been taught or were you still trying to score using two hands on the ball?

Next Anna showed you a wee trick that would ensure you scored every time. Some of you found this a little tricky however if you were using the BEEF technique you might have found it easier to do.

We finished off with some game practice where you were to put all of these new techniques into play. Quite a few of you are still forgetting to think about where you are passing the ball. Remember to take your time to look about, see who is free and use the correct passes.

Here are a few action shots from this afternoon.


P5H Basketball – 16.5.17

Today Anna had you working on your shooting technique. She taught you about BEEF – are you able to tell someone at home what the letters stand for?  She also taught you the correct way to take a set pass and a bank pass.  She told you a wee trick for scoring a basket from a bank pass – can you tell someone at home what it was?You then took part in full court games, some of you are getting a little bit too competitive, remember basketball is a non-contact sport.

P5H Basketball – 11.5.17

On Tuesday we had a surprise visit from Anna from Paisley Basketball.  She taught you the two passes used in basketball, chest and bounce pass. She then gave you time to practise these passes and then showed you a defending and attacking game before putting you into teams. You then took part in some very competitive and exciting full court games. We are very lucky that Anna will be with us for a few more weeks.

P5S – Basketball

Image result for basketball

Today we had a lovely surprise when we heard that Anna was coming in to teach us some basketball skills. After some warm-up games you had some lessons on passing the ball. You had the opportunity to use bounce passes and chest passes with a partner. Next you were able to put these passes into practice when you played against one another in a few games. Great fun was had by all!

P5S – Athletics – Long Jump

Image result for long jump cartoon

On Friday we continued with our Athletics topic. This time we were working on our long jump technique. This was quite tricky to do as we are started from a standing jump, rather than giving ourselves a running start before jumping.

In groups we looked at different ways of jumping across the hall and decided on which way would allow us to jump the furthest. Next we took it in turns to use our chosen technique to try and jump as far as we could. Our group members then measured the distance. What technique worked for you? There were some fabulous jumps being made. Please tell someone at home how far you managed to jump. Can you remember how to convert it from centimetres into metres?

Here are a few action shots.

P5S – Athletics

Image result for athletics clipart

In preparation for our Sports day next month we started our Athletics topic on Friday during our P.E. session. After discussing the importance of building our stamina and fitness we put our own stamina and fitness to the test.

As a class we decided to start with 3 minute sessions (we felt the suggested 8 minutes was a little too long for our first attempt). With our partner we chose a starting point in the gym hall. One of you then ran, jogged or walked around the track as many times as possible in the 3 minutes while your partner counted the number of laps you completed. You then swapped with one another.

I was very impressed at the number of laps being completed. Well done! How did you do? Please tell someone at home. Please remember to pace yourself. If you run too fast at the beginning you will tire yourself out a lot quicker. Next week we are aiming to increase the number of laps (and time).

Here are a few action shots from our session.

P5S – Hockey

Image result for hockey

Today we started a new topic in P.E.: hockey. To familiarise ourselves with the hockey stick and puck we practiced our passing and controlling technique. I was very impressed at just how well this was done. There were very few out of control pucks! You did a great job of passing them to your partners. Great effort this afternoon P5!

P5S – Rugby Fun

Image result for rugby clipart

What a busy morning we had! We finished it off with our first rugby session with Ross who came in to teach you some moves and tactics of the game.

To warm up we started off with a game of gym tig before moving onto a game of balance tig. Next you were put into teams to play a game of “10 pass rugby”. You played this very well, especially when you realised that it became much easier to pass when everyone spaced out a lot more.

To finish today you played the “Numbers” game where you went up against one of your classmates to try and score a rugby try. Again, this looked like a lot of fun and we had some great moves going on. Some of you just need to remember to keep both hands on the ball for the try to count.

P7M – Basketball

This morning we had our last basketball session. You have all shown major improvement since session one. You have followed Kasia’s advice and instructions and are able to play very well.

We had discussions in between each game to talk about what we could learn from the mistakes the others had made. The main repeated errors were not passing the ball (being aware of who is open on the court) and line violations when throwing the ball in. Try to learn from your mistakes.

As I said at the end, you all have strengths in different areas of the curriculum but some of you allow others to dominate you. For example, those of you who are showing skills in basketball allowed the more vocal pupils to shout over you. Come on – let yourself shine!

P5S – Gymnastics

Image result for gymnastics

In gymnastics we moved onto the equipment. In groups we are working our way around the stations and had to consider how we could use the equipment to show the movements we have been practicing. We didn’t manage to get around them all, however we will continue with the stations next week so you will have a chance to try each of them.

Here are a few action shots of you showing off your moves. Please tell someone at home what moves you are doing.

P7M Homework – Monday 20th February

Remember to complete each task to the best of your ability. Please let me know if you are struggling with any task or need advice, as soon as possible. Try not to get stressed or upset about homework – it really isn’t worth it! Ask your parent/carer to write a note if you are unable to  attempt any task. Thank you, Miss McDowall.


  • Reading – Please read your book for:
    • Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue & Green – Monday 27th Feb
    • Purple – Monday 27th Feb OR 6th March (depending on the book)
  • Personal Reading Challenge – Throughout the year, please read extra texts on top of the class novels. Record what you have read and complete the tasks on the Personal Reading Challenge sheet.
  • Spelling – Unit/List 11 – Please complete Unit/List 11 in your Spelling Homework jotter for Friday 3rd March. Please practise your spelling words on Spelling City (not compulsory).



  • Please complete the WW2 Personal Research Task for Tuesday 14th March. Click here for the task and success criteria. If you would like a paper copy, please ask.
  • Please listen and practise the WW2 Songs we learnt in class. Click here for the Blog post.


  • We are looking for one adult helper for Tuesday 7th March from 11.15-12.00 visit to the library. If you are able to help out, please write a note in your child’s diary or post a comment on the Blog. Thank you in advance.
  • P.E. – Monday 11.15am – You must bring a full change of P.E. kit(t-shirt, shorts/tracksuit bottoms and indoor trainers). We have drama all afternoon so you may keep your P.E. kit on for the rest of the day but change into your outdoor shoes at lunchtime.
  • Please return your completed Young Scot Card form A.S.A.P. Click here for more information.

P7M – P.E. Kits

Please remember that P.E. is part of the curriculum and you must come to school prepared for the two one hour sessions.

  • You must remove all jewellery or cellotape over newly pierced ears and cover any Smart watch or ‘fitbit’ with a sweatband.
  • You must bring a change of:
    • trainers (for indoor use)
    • t-shirt
    • shorts/tracksuit bottoms/leggings
    • hoodie (if going outside or you think you’ll be cold)
  • Your P.E. kit should be kept in a bag and either hung on your peg or put on the lunch trolley in the cloakroom (not kept in your school bag). This will avoid any delays when getting changed.
  • Monday P.E. 11.15-12.15:
    • Boys take their kits from the cloakroom after interval and get changed in the Boy’s Toilets. Once changed, put your bag of clothes in the Gathering Room.
    • Girls take their kit from the cloakroom and get changed in the classroom. Leave all clothes in the classroom.
    • Any bottles of water should be stored on the stage.
  • Once changed, please meet in the Gym Hall – sit on the bench.
  • Please move quietly in a single-file line through the corridors, to avoid distracting your peers.

If you forget a change of trainers, t-shirt or bottoms you will be marked as ‘No P.E. kit’ and not allowed to take part.

Thank you,

Miss McDowall

P5S – Gymnastics

Image result for gymnastics

Yesterday we started our gymnastics sessions in P.E.. We are beginning with some floor work and looked at creating individual sequences using the four main movements in gymnastics: rotation, flight, balance and inverse.

How well did you do? Did you manage to incorporate all four moves into your sequence? How well did it flow? We definitely have some naturals among us. Next week you will be showing off your moves to everyone so during our practice session you will need to try and make the transitions between moves as smooth as possible.

Here are a few action shots from yesterday’s session. It was a little tricky to catch everyone performing their moves but I will post some more photographs next week too.

P5 – Scottish Country Dancing

Image result for scotland flag

As part of our Scotland topic this month we will be participating in  some Scottish Country Dancing. This morning we had a few grumbles from some of you (in both classes) who weren’t particularly keen to take part. However once our session was over this afternoon many of you told us just how much you enjoyed it. We had lots of “fists of fives” being shown! Plus, we had lots and lots of smiling going on. The photographs don’t lie!

Today we were focusing on two dances: the Gay Gordons and the Canadian Barn Dance. We had a wee taster of the Gay Gordons during term 1 and I am delighted at just how many of you remembered the steps. You have well and truly mastered this dance.  Well done!

In our Canadian Barn Dance we moved it up a notch and moved partners once we had mastered the basic steps. Once again, a huge well done as you managed this very well. Next week we will move onto some of the group dances – be ready!

Here are a few action shots for you to look at.


P7 – Happy New Year!

happy-new-yearWe hope you all had a great Christmas and enjoyed celebrating Hogmanay and Ne’erday with your family and friends. It’s back to school tomorrow so remember to come to school wearing your P.E. kit. Our new P.E. topic is quite energetic so please bring a bottle of water with you. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow and are excited about Term 3 of P7!

Miss McDowall and Mr McAvoy

P5S – Let’s Dance

Image result for dancing

Today in P.E. you were put into groups to begin creating your very own Latin dance …….. and what fun you had! It was smiles all around (well, nearly). There was such disappointment when we finished for the day. I am so pleased that you are showing such enthusiasm for this task as I know dancing is not everyone’s favourite thing to do.

Each group has (already) come up with the starting steps for your dance which is just amazing. Well done! We even had some of our boys showing the girls in their group some fantastic moves to include.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with next week. Here are a few photographs from today’s session.

Renfrewshire Road Race

This morning, we had twenty pupils from P6-7 to represent our school for the Road Race. We met at On-X in Linwood with loads of other Renfrewshire P6-7 pupils where they ran against each other for just under 2 kilometres. Not only did our 6-7 pupils behave exceptionally well, they all did their best and ran like the wind! Congratulations to our pupils and all of the other competitors who took part.


P5S – Fitness Fun

Image result for skipping clipart

Term 2 is the term for building our fitness. On Tuesdays we will be working out with our Latin dancing and on Fridays we will be working our way around our fitness stations. Today we had the following stations:

  • skipping
  • shuttle runs
  • ball catch
  • step ups
  • speed bounce
  • squats

In small groups you rotated around each station and completed each task for one minute. Some were much easier to do than others. As the weeks progress we will increase the time at each station to build up your fitness.

Most groups worked very well together and those groups that had a few niggles will need to work hard to sort them out. Tasks like these require all group members to work well together and you may need to compromise at times: very good life skills to learn.

Today Lucy L was in charge of music, Chloe S was our time keeper and Kieran was our photographer. Here are some of the many photographs he took today.

Primary 5 – Scottish Country Dancing

Image result for lion rampant shield

Our topic this week took us to the world of dance. The children were introduced to the wonders of the “Gay Gordons” dance. After their initial horror at having to dance with a boy or girl, everyone got right into the swing of things. We have some natural dancers within Primary 5.

We still have a few aspects of the dance to perfect, however both Mrs Hughes and I were very pleased at just how well everyone picked it up. Here’s hoping you all remember the steps for next week!

Here are a few action shots.