P7M Maths Homework – Data Handling – Green Chilli Challenge


Write the date and an appropriate title. Please answer the questions showing all working and answer in a sentence to show you have read, understood and fully answered the question. This should be completed by Friday 25th February. If you need help or a paper copy, please ask A.S.A.P.

  1. Some children collect cans for recycling. Here is a chart of how many cans they collect in the first week.graph5

a) What type of chart is this?

b) What information is missing from the chart?

b) How many more cans did the best collector get than the least collector?

c) The children’s target was 100. How many more do they need to collect to reach their target?

  1. graph6

a) What type of chart is this?

b) Who is a girl aged 9?

c) How many children are not aged 9?

d) Copy and complete this table.


  1.  graph8

a) What is type of chart is this?

b) 120 people were surveyed. How many people drove to school?

c) What fraction of people walked to school?

d) How many people got the bus to school?

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