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Bird Hunt Research


Here are the links we need for our bird hunt research task:


Headings for research:


About Me (colour, size, shape, weight, wingspan etc):




Fabulous Facts:


What do I look like: Can you copy my picture?










Eco Charity Event – Update

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As part of our Eco School Action Plan the Global Citizenship group held a Guess the Teddy’s Birthday event to raise money to support the Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity.

This was very successful and raised £200 for the charity. Renfrewshire Council very generously matched this amount giving us a grand total of £400!!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took part in making this event such a success.

Our lucky winner who guessed the correct birthday was……..

Zoe (P3C) – congratulations, we hope you love your husky.

Thank you for your continued support.

Global Citizenship Group

Mrs. Hughes, Miss. Wilson

Project 31: Sustainability Snaps

Hello everyone,

Following on from our sustainability day on Friday, here are just a few snaps of our team in action. During the day we created scarves and scrunchies from pre-loved pieces of clothing as well as running a variety of awareness workshops focusing on sustainable fashion and clothing production.

It was a brilliant day and everyone really enjoyed themselves.

Another huge well done to the members of Project 31 for all their efforts in organising and running the event, and to our fabulous house captains for their help and support during the day! We are very proud of you all 🙂

Project 31 Sustainability Day with P4-7 ♻️🌍✂️🐳

Good afternoon!

I would like to say a massive thank you to our Primary Five Project 31 members 👏🏼. We have worked very hard this term to learn how to up-cycle old clothes into scrunchies and scarves at our lunchtime club. In addition, they planned our event today where we had various stations including:

-plotting which country your clothes were made in on a word map to understand the carbon footprint✈📌🗺

creating top trump cards based on your clothes👗👚👖

creating games from re-cycling materials🎲

-a Kahoot quiz on sustainable clothing💻📊✔

-scarves and scrunching making✂🧣🧤

trading items at our swap shop♻👕⚽🧩

Thank you to everyone who came along to enjoy this event and to our fantastic House Captains for assisting Primary Five with their activities. 🌟 I hope you are looking forward to our next Project 31 Sustainability Day! 😃

We took lots of photographs this afternoon and we hope to post over the next few days. 📸

Remember our motto…



Have a great weekend!

Miss Hamilton  and Miss Cauley ☺

Eco Charity Event – W/B 2.12.19


Image result for eco images                       Image result for The Royal Hospital for Children Glasgow Charity

As part of our Eco School Action Plan the Global Citizenship group are raising money to support the Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity.

Members of the group will be visiting classes to give pupils and teachers the chance to “Guess the Teddy’s Birthday”.  This will run from Tues 3rd  – Fri 6th December.  Whoever guesses the correct date will win the teddy.  The cost will be 50p a go and you can have more than one shot if you want!

If you would like to take part please bring the money into school (not ParentPay).

Image result for guess the teddy's birthday

Thank You

Global Citizenship Group

(Mrs. Hughes, Miss Wilson)

Litter & Waste Eco Group

Our Litter & Waste Eco Group have had a very busy time recently.  They have worked very hard and we are very proud of their Anti Litter Policy (click to view) achievements. We launched our Anti-litter Policy at last weeks Assembly and it will be displayed in every classroom and at points around the school.

As you know we are also recycling batteries through the Big Battery Hunt.  We have had an amazing reaction already with two buckets already full.  Once again, well done the Litter & Waste Group.

Finn & Nathan show off our hard work.

The busy Litter & Waste group also took part in a Litter Pick around the school. We collected 5 bags of rubbish from outside the playground! Well done to Nathan, Blair, Jack, Ryan, Heather, Freya, Mhairi and Amira for all their hard work and a big thank you to Mr Hutchison and Mrs Grant for their help.

A very successful litter pick

Big Pedal update

After 4 days’  results , we are now 14th in the UK with 68% of children cycling and scooting  but 1st school in Scotland.

Hopefully next week we will see the good weather continue and let’s see if we can get into the UK’s top 10.

P3F were the daily winners again on Friday. Congratulations.

P5S – Eco Drama

Today you took part in an Eco drama where we learned all about the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. “Bag Girl” recruited you to become Eco Superheroes and you took on the role with great enthusiasm.

Please remember the important message of today’s drama session (and our Eco Week): using the 3R’s whenever possible. Please tell someone at home all about the 3R’s.

Well done for completing the “Recycling Race” in the fastest time yet: 1 minutes 58 seconds.

P5H Mushroom Planting

Yesterday afternoon as part of our Eco Week activities some of you had the chance to plant some mushrooms. The compost was quite smelly but that didn’t stop you!  The container has been put somewhere dark and we will check on it in 6 days (Wednesday).

One of you can take our mushrooms home to look after over the Easter holidays, as we really shouldn’t leave them in class as they probably wouldn’t survive if we did, and we don’t want that! If you would like to take them home and look after them, please bring a note in from someone at home giving you permission and we will choose someone. Please only volunteer if you are not going away over the holidays.

If you didn’t get a chance to plant yesterday, we might be able to convince Mr. Collins to let us do some planting in the school grounds when the weather gets a bit warmer.



Mrs. Hughes