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P5S – Eco Drama

Today you took part in an Eco drama where we learned all about the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. “Bag Girl” recruited you to become Eco Superheroes and you took on the role with great enthusiasm.

Please remember the important message of today’s drama session (and our Eco Week): using the 3R’s whenever possible. Please tell someone at home all about the 3R’s.

Well done for completing the “Recycling Race” in the fastest time yet: 1 minutes 58 seconds.

P5H Mushroom Planting

Yesterday afternoon as part of our Eco Week activities some of you had the chance to plant some mushrooms. The compost was quite smelly but that didn’t stop you!  The container has been put somewhere dark and we will check on it in 6 days (Wednesday).

One of you can take our mushrooms home to look after over the Easter holidays, as we really shouldn’t leave them in class as they probably wouldn’t survive if we did, and we don’t want that! If you would like to take them home and look after them, please bring a note in from someone at home giving you permission and we will choose someone. Please only volunteer if you are not going away over the holidays.

If you didn’t get a chance to plant yesterday, we might be able to convince Mr. Collins to let us do some planting in the school grounds when the weather gets a bit warmer.



Mrs. Hughes

P5S – Eco Week: Taylor Wimpey Visit

Today Graeme, Erin and Laura from Taylor Wimpey came in to chat with us about the new techniques they now use on new development sites to ensure they are being eco friendly. Can you remember the names of any? We also learned some really interesting facts like how humans cannot survive without five particular animals. Who remembers what they are? Have a look at the photos below and you might just find out the answers.

We then had the opportunity to take part in three different activities based around what we had been learning. Erin showed you how an eco friendly drainage system works. Can you tell someone at home how it all works?

Laura had you working hard to complete a wordsearch. Three lucky winners walked away with some great prizes!

Graeme had you trying to match some pictures with the environmentally friendly techniques we had been learning about and use our new vocabulary correctly in a passage. How did your group do? Were you one of the super fast groups to complete Graeme’s task?

P5S – Mushroom Planting

Image result for mushrooms

As part of our Eco Week some of you had the opportunity to get your hands dirty when you planted some mushrooms this afternoon. The compost was rather smelly but that didn’t stop a few of you digging deep. We have put the container somewhere dark and we will check on it in a few days (6 to be precise) to see if anything has happened.

As discussed in class, one of you may take our mushrooms home to look after over the Easter break, if you wish, as we shouldn’t really leave them in class unattended. The chances are they won’t survive if we do! If you would like to do so, please bring a note in from someone at home giving you permission. Obviously if you are going away over the holidays, it wouldn’t be a very good idea for you to take them home.

If you didn’t get a chance to plant today, don’t worry as we have other activities planned for later in the week where you might just get your hands dirty too.

P7M – Archery

This afternoon, we had another fun activity arranged by the Eco Committee – archery! Michelle from Active Schools, showed us how to safely hold and load the bow with the arrow. She showed us how to position our shoulder when pulling back the string. We had some Robin Hoods amongst the class and a few who need to work on their aim because the arrows splatted on the windows, rather than on the target board! We all had fun regardless of the outcome. Thank you to Michelle and Kasia.

P7M – Scottish Water Visit

This morning we were lucky to have a visit from Scottish Water. They told us about water production: the cost of processing it and what we can do to help. The main message was about what to flush down the toilet – The 3 Ps! Pee, Poo and Paper. Other products can block the pipes and cause lots of damage.

Thank you to Douglas and Ian for coming to tell us about what we can do to help keep Scottish water one of the tastiest in the world!

P5S – Eco Week – No Paper Day!

Image result for eco schools

Today for the start of our Eco Week we had a “No Paper” Day in school. This meant no paper at all: no books, no jotters, no scrap paper, no post-its, no paper towels ……. just no paper! How did we do? Tell someone at home.

The point of today’s exercise was to get you thinking about just how much paper we use on a daily basis. Lots! We need to try and cut back wherever possible to help reduce the amount being used. Let’s see if we can keep it up and use less paper for the rest of the term. It can be done!

Today we took part in a number of paperless activities. Our survey with P7M was completed on whiteboards and the iPads. Our class novel was read from the iPad. We practiced the four operations using Math Slide on the iPads (what fun that was!). This week’s blind spelling test was completed on whiteboards and even your scores were recorded on the big board. Finally our reading comprehension lesson, linked to our class novel, was all drama based as you were introduced to the world of “Freeze Frame”. Again, what fun we had with that! A very busy day …….. with no paper!

P5S and P7M Litter Survey

As part of our Eco Week, P5S and P7M joined forces this morning to collect and display information on the amount of litter that had collected in the different areas within our playground; Infants, Middle and Upper.

In pairs, or trios, you worked together to collect the information. You then had to display your findings in a bar graph. Both Miss McDowall and I were delighted at just how well you all worked together. It was lovely to see!

P5H Homework and Reminders – w/b 20.3.17

Good afternoon everyone, I hope you are having a lovely weekend even though the weather is not the best. Please continue reading for your homework and reminders.

Spelling: This is your final spelling homework of the term. Please complete lists ure or ing  in your spelling homework jotter for Thursday. Please continue to write out your spelling words 3 times using SaCaWaC in the same way as we do in class. You should then write a sentence for each of your first 6 spelling words. This week we are again focusing on using ambitious connectives in each sentence. Here are some examples: however, instead of, also, after, meanwhile, unless and as well as. Try to include one in each of your sentences. Remember this does not mean you forget about using ambitious vocabulary too. We are trying to use both of these to make your sentences the best they can be.

Reading: We are now at our last two chapters of Danny the Champion of the World. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have. Please remember your homework was to read chapters 21 and 22 for Tuesday 21st March.  If you do not complete the reading you will be unable to take part in the class lesson.

As always if there are any words that you are unsure of please take a note of them in your Book Detectives jotter (remembering the page number) and, if possible, use a dictionary to find out their meaning . We will start our lesson by discussing these in class.

Personal Reading Challenge: You now only have 2 weeks to go with your personal reading challenge. You have all set yourself a target which you are aiming to reach (or beat!) by the end of the challenge. Please remember to record the books you have read in your Reading Passports which are kept in class. Remember to choose your books carefully to ensure they are at the correct level for you.  You can also bring a book from home into school as this will allow you to read it during our ERIC time and will count as part of your reading challenge.

Maths:  There is no maths homework this week due to Eco Week, however you can still practise your tables by accessing the links below.  Remember we will be continuing our Table Challenge in class this week.

Multiplication Trainer        Division Trainer

Eco Week: This week I would like you to chose an activity to complete by Thursday. A link for the activities will be posted on Monday. On Thursday you will be asked to present your Eco Week homework to the class and explain why you chose it.

Here are your reminders for this week:

  1. On Monday we are having a “No Paper Day”. This includes the use of paper towels. There are hand dryers which can be used however if you prefer you may bring in a small hand towel to use instead.
  2. P.E. will be on Monday and Thursday this week. Please ensure you have a P.E. kit in school. Please also remember to  have a bottle of water with you as you will be working hard.
  3. All Pupil/Parent Response sheets should be returned to school by Thursday. This will allow me to prepare for any areas your parents may wish to discuss at their appointment.
  4. Parents’ Night appointment times were issued last Tuesday. Please ensure the confirmation slip is returned as soon as possible so that I know who will be attending parent’s night.
  5. This week is our first Big Pedal week. You may bring your bike or scooter to school. Please remember a helmet must be worn during our daily sessions in the playground. A plastic bag should be brought to protect your bike seat from the rain.
  6. On Thursday Primary 5 will be taking part in a danceathon in aid of Red Nose Day. A donation of 50p is required to participate.
  7. Friday is Red Nose Day. This will be a non-uniform day where you should wear something red to school. A donation of £1.00 has been suggested for doing so.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

See you tomorrow.

Mrs. Hughes