P5H Mushroom Planting

Yesterday afternoon as part of our Eco Week activities some of you had the chance to plant some mushrooms. The compost was quite smelly but that didn’t stop you!  The container has been put somewhere dark and we will check on it in 6 days (Wednesday).

One of you can take our mushrooms home to look after over the Easter holidays, as we really shouldn’t leave them in class as they probably wouldn’t survive if we did, and we don’t want that! If you would like to take them home and look after them, please bring a note in from someone at home giving you permission and we will choose someone. Please only volunteer if you are not going away over the holidays.

If you didn’t get a chance to plant yesterday, we might be able to convince Mr. Collins to let us do some planting in the school grounds when the weather gets a bit warmer.



Mrs. Hughes

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