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P7 WW2 Show

A huge well done to the pupils of P7 for their dress rehearsal in front of the whole school and then their evening performance to family and friends. They worked hard with Euan from G.A.M.T.A. to help to create the script. We had a debrief of the show on Wednesday morning, to discuss what went well, how the show could have been better, what we would do differently next time and what we learned from the experience.

P5S – Eco Week – No Paper Day!

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Today for the start of our Eco Week we had a “No Paper” Day in school. This meant no paper at all: no books, no jotters, no scrap paper, no post-its, no paper towels ……. just no paper! How did we do? Tell someone at home.

The point of today’s exercise was to get you thinking about just how much paper we use on a daily basis. Lots! We need to try and cut back wherever possible to help reduce the amount being used. Let’s see if we can keep it up and use less paper for the rest of the term. It can be done!

Today we took part in a number of paperless activities. Our survey with P7M was completed on whiteboards and the iPads. Our class novel was read from the iPad. We practiced the four operations using Math Slide on the iPads (what fun that was!). This week’s blind spelling test was completed on whiteboards and even your scores were recorded on the big board. Finally our reading comprehension lesson, linked to our class novel, was all drama based as you were introduced to the world of “Freeze Frame”. Again, what fun we had with that! A very busy day …….. with no paper!

P5S – Hot Seating!

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This morning we continued with our class novel: One Dog and his Boy by Eva Ibbotson. I am delighted at just how much you are enjoying this book. Please tell someone at home what has happened so far.

Today we had a few of you in the “hot seat” where you became one of the characters in the book: Hal, Kayley or Fleck. Everyone had to decide on a question they would like to ask each of these characters …… and what fabulous questions we had!

It is called a “hot seat” because you need to think quickly and respond to the questions posed by your classmates. I am so pleased you enjoyed this activity as it is a great way to not only explore the characters and plot of a story but it also builds on your communication skills. As we continue with our novel, we will have other opportunities to take part in this type of activity so if you didn’t get a chance today, your time in the “seat” will happen.

P7 WW2 Show – Costumes

As discussed on Friday, we are now looking for you to bring in your costume and any items you could lend to your peers. Luckily, the basic costumes are nearly our school uniform so you should all have these items anyway. Please think of what clothes they would and would not (leggings, branded trainers etc) have during WW2. Please ask us about any items you are unsure of A.S.A.P.

Whether you are able to make the evening performance or not, you should still bring in a costume for the performance to the whole school during the day. See below for what you need and other items we are looking for. Thank you.

  • Basic girls: black shoes, black tights, grey skirt/trousers and a white shirt.
  • Basic boys: black shoes, black trousers and a white shirt.
  • Grandpa: knitted jumper/cardigan, trousers, slippers? (what a 99 year old would wear!)
  • Grandchildren: Bishopton school uniform, school bag (empty)
  • Teacher: flat shoes, tights, skirt, shirt, cardigan, cane? (think of Miss James ay Scotland Street)
  • Nurses/hospital workers: basic costume, white apron
  • Mums: flowery dress, cardigan, head scarf
  • Dads: basic costume, blazer/jacket or cardigan, bunnet or hat
  • Other items we need: old style suitcases, anything you think we could use!

P7 – Drama: Session 1

This afternoon we had our first session with Euan from G.A.M.T.A. You started with a warm-up, both your body and your voices. Euan is going to create a show based on WW2 so he split you into groups to brainstorm what you facts you already know. You then prepared a presentation to share your knowledge with your peers. Some of the facts were true but some of them will need a little bit of research to clarify their origin!

Euan then gave your group a scenario to act out. Can you tell from the photos who is doing what? You finished by letting Euan hear a couple of the WW2 songs you have been learning. Overall, a great start to our drama sessions!

P7 – WW2 Show & Rookie Rockstars

Dear Parent/Carer,

WW2 Show – Tuesday, 21st March 6.30-7.30pm

The pupils will be working with members of G.A.M.T.A. to create a performance based on World War Two. We will be showcasing this event on Tuesday 21st March from 6.30-7.30pm. All pupils will be involved. Tickets are free of charge and will be limited to two per family in the first instance and then will be on a first come first serve basis. We look forward to welcoming you to this event.

Rookie Rockstars – Tuesday, 2nd May and Wednesday, 3rd May 6.15-7.30pm

This year, as part of being a Nurture Pathfinder School we have introduced Bounce Back. To consolidate this, we have organised a whole school visit from Rookie Rockstars, a Music and Anti-Bullying Charity. Rookie Rockstars will work with the pupils the week beginning Monday 24th April, to teach them songs and record a CD. The theme of the songs promotes self-esteem and values. The following week we have organised two events to showcase the songs at Ingliston Country Club, Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd May, 6.15-7.30pm.

The Eagles and Ospreys will perform on Tuesday 2nd May then the Falcons and Hawks on Wednesday 3rd May. As we expect a high turnout for this event we will be limited to sell two tickets per family in the first instance and then will be on a first come first serve basis. The cost of the tickets will cover the expenses of Rookie Rockstars. CDs of the songs will be available to pre-order and other merchandise will be available at the events. £1 from every CD sold will help to raise money for the school funds.

Ingliston Country Club have very kindly agreed to host this event free of charge as they would like to promote community spirit. Palomino’s restaurant will be open before and after the event but they expect to be busy, so please book at least two weeks in advance and leave plenty of time for service. They will also be opening ‘On the Hoof ‘at 5.00pm offering hot snacks, filled rolls, cakes, pastries, teas & coffees etc. This is an indoor facility and has a seating area with tables, although the arena is quite cold so dress appropriately. More information about the events will be provided nearer the time.

We are very excited about this whole school event as Rookie Rockstars has an amazing reputation. Please visit their website for more information: https://rookierockstars.org.uk/  We are looking forward to watching the pupils perform and hope to have a great turnout for both events.

Many thanks,

Miss Karen McDowall, Principal Teacher

P.A.C.E. – Paisley 2021 City of Culture Bid

This morning we had a real treat as Jen, Eve and Chloe from P.A.C.E. visited us to teach us a play all about the Paisley 2021 City of Culture bid. We have been practising the songs for a couple of weeks but the girls were able to quickly teach us a whole performance in the space of one hour!

We were split into three groups: the history of Paisley, the Weavers and the future. We all had lines to say and actions to do while the narrators spoke.  All our song practise paid off, as we sounded great. The P3 and P4 classes were a quality audience during our performance. Thanks again to Eve, Jen and Chloe. Here we are in action:

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P5S – The Battle of Bannockburn Presentations

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Learning Outcome I can use my knowledge of a historical event in a creative way to clearly show my understanding of what happened.

Yesterday we learned all about the Battle of Bannockburn. Information for you to research was provided to give you an understanding of how the battle progressed and the important key figures involved.

To show your understanding you were asked to present the knowledge learned in a creative way of your choice. All clans decided to present in the form of a drama reenactment. Costumes and weapons were designed to create a more “authentic” version of the battle.

I have to say that the majority of the clans actually included a huge amount of accurate and relevant information within their drama presentation. Well done!