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Sumdog Contest – Maths week Scotland

The P2-7 pupils have been taking part in the Sumdog Contest which coincides with Maths Week Scotland. As part of our celebrations, we are competing against our cluster schools (Bargarran, Barsail, Inchinnan, Langbank and Rashielea). The pupils should be given some time in class to play the games but they can also play at home. Keep checking the Blog for updates on our positions on the leaderboard. See below for our current positions. #MathsWeekScotlandRenfrewshire #MathsWeekScotland #MakingMathsCount

Currently there are two classes from Barsail Primary who are ahead of our classes:

32nd P3/2, Barsail Primary Scotland 401
67th P4/3!, Barsail Primary Scotland 340

Try your best to answer questions correctly to help us climb the leaderboard!

Track and Field

A huge well done to Jay, Erin and Rachael who represented our school last night at the Primary Track and Field. Iain Shearer, the Active Schools & Community Club Development Officer for Renfrewshire said “they behaved impeccably, gave 100% at their event and showed sportsmanship across the evening. The pupils were a credit to our schools. They missed out on winning the team prize by only a few points but definitely deserve recognition for their efforts.”

Well done to the three pupils!

Rookie Rockstars Concerts

The Rookie Rockstars concerts at Ingliston Country Club on Tuesday and Wednesday night were amazing! The pupils turned up dressed to impress and ready to rock! They put on two great shows, showing off their singing and dancing skills as well as what the songs had taught them about anti-bullying and self-esteem.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped make the events happen: Rookie Rockstars for their guidance and songs, Ingliston Country Club for allowing us to host the events for free, the audience (families and friends) for your support, the many school staff who came to supervise and rock out, the school secretaries who acted as a professional box office for a few weeks, the janitorial staff who acted as roadies for a few days and most importantly the pupils who rocked their socks off!

If you would still like to purchase a CD to listen to for many years to come, please visit the School Office.

Many thanks,

Miss McDowall, Principal Teacher



P7 Judo Champion

A huge well done to Rachael who won a Gold medal two weekends ago at the Sportif International. She had to fight many much bigger girls and even came up against a girl who had bet her before. But thanks to her hard work and effort, she triumphed and won!

Then after a tiring week at our residential trip, Rachael travelled to Northern Ireland to compete in a huge competition. She fought a girl three times and won! She was awarded a Gold medal. Congratulations!

P7 My Merit – Profiling

Dear Parent/carer,

Your child has been continuing to add to their online profile since November. It is their responsibility to add their latest Achievements an in detail, providing evidence where possible. The best way to view their latest additions is to click on ‘Achievements and Progress’ on the left-hand side panel. Then you will see the ‘pages’ and the various entries.

Please ask your child to show you their online profile by logging on to https://www.mymerit.net/. Your child has their Username and Password. They will continue to add to their profile throughout the year.

Please complete the tear-off slip below and leave any comments once you have read their profile

Many thanks,

Miss McDowall and Mr McAvoy

P7M – WW2 Projects

This morning you presented your WW2 projects that you have had 5 weeks to prepare. I was impressed with the variety of topics and many different delivery styles. We had confident presenters who gave great eye contact, faced your audience and delivered your facts using a varied tone, to keep the audience’s interest. Some of you highlighted your drawings or images to point out interesting facts. We even had some home baking using ration recipes which worked a treat in winning us over!

I have your individual feedback ready to give you tomorrow but some general feedback for the majority of you:

  • Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse! This allows you to check you are within the time allocated and your family members can give you honest feedback about your delivery style (voice, body language, etc)
  • Put the facts into your OWN words. Taking another person’s words from the internet or a book is called plagiarism and it doesn’t show me you have understood your research. It also means you should be able to say the words!
  • If you have made a poster, chosen images for a powerpoint or made a model, talk about it! Please point out interesting facts and show us your hard work. Make use of the props and things yo have brought in.

P7M – Goodnight Mister Tom

Last week, we read the climax of Goodnight Mister Tom (chapters 16 and 17). Today we responded to this by drawing what we thought they looked like during these chapters and then wrote what we thought they were thinking, saying and feeling.

I was really impressed with the detail of your illustrations and the thought put into their feelings and thoughts. Have a look below to see your work.




P7M – Extra Effort Rewarded

A huge well done to those of you who persevered to find words to the value of £100 for your Maths Homework. You found words that I didn’t have, as well as many I did have. To reward you for your massive effort, you chose from the Surprise reward list:

  • wear your slippers in class for a day
  • sit on a cushion for the day
  • be first out at interval for a week
  • no homework pass (One task of your choice. If you choose not to complete the Spelling homework, please look over the words)
  • listening to music during writing for a week (no phones allowed)
  • write with a pen for the day
  • have 5 minutes extra play for a week (with a friend)
  • sit with a friend for a day

Here is what you chose:

  • Ryan O – no homework (one task)
  • Laura – no homework (one task)
  • Rachael L – music during writing
  • Keeley – no homework (one task)
  • Fraser – music during writing
  • Grace – no homework (one task)
  • Niamh – no homework (one task)
  • Amy – no homework (one task)
  • Ryan G – 5 minutes extra play
  • Euan – cushion
  • Reuben – cushion
  • Stevie-Ross – no homework (one task)
  • Gemma – no homework (one task)
  • Ben – no homework (one task)
  • Lucy – no homework (one task)
  • Alex – music during writing

P7M Burns Poem Runner-up Winners

A huge congratulations to everyone who learned their chosen by off-by-heart and recited it to the class. You were split into groups, depending on your poem and recited your poem to another class. Then they voted for the best recital. I am pleased to announce the runner-ups are:

  • Morgan
  • Lucy
  • Kayla
  • Rachel B
  • Alex
  • Andrew
  • Euan

Congratulations! Remember to practise tonight because you will be reciting it again in front of Mrs McNaught so she can choose an overall winner. Good luck!

P7M Congratulations – Spelling and Sumdog



Wow! Yesterday we retook the P7 Spelling Test and what an improvement from August! Nearly everyone increased their score but some of you blew yourselves out of the water. I am so impressed with the effort and you should be very proud of yourself, if you managed to better your own score.

Sumdog Contest

The Sumdog contest closes tomorrow at 8pm. Well done to those of you who have helped our class to climb the leaderboard. We are currently 109th out of 907 classes…that is some achievement, considering only 11 of you from our class of 28 have played so far. Ask me tomorrow to see where you rank.



Renfrewshire Sumdog Contest – Final Results

A huge well done to all of the pupils who took part in the Sumdog contest. These fun games will help you maintain and improve your basic Maths skills. You helped your class to climb the leaderboard. have a look at the results below to see where your class placed in the contest. Remember at least 10 pupils from each class needed to play in order for them to qualify.



I would also like to say a big congratulations to two our our pupils who placed in the Top 20 pupils within Renfrewshire (out of 1338 pupils)! This means they answered the full 1000 questions and got a huge percentage of them correct. Congratulations to Laura from P7M who placed 11th by answering 952 questions correctly! And a huge well done to Lyall from P6G who placed 13th by answering 950 questions correctly! You should be extremely proud of yourselves – what a superb effort and achievement!


Please see below for the class leaderboards. Once again, well done to those of you who took part.





Renfrewshire Sumdog Contest

Well done to Lyall from P6G who is currently 7th on the Leaderboard! Will you be able to join Lyall in the Top 10? So far, none of our classes have qualified to play in the competition because there have not been enough players from each class. Come on, let’s give  Bargarran Primary (the current winners) a run for their money and get playing!

Click on the images below to see the ranking.



P7M Badminton Tournament

This morning we finally managed to finish our Badminton topic in P.E. with a smashing doubles tournament. You chose a partner and we played 2.5 minute games in a knock out competition. While your peers watched on they had three people to assess looking for correct handgrip, serving, different types of shots (short, long and smash), communication with partner and movement around the court.

img_0245 img_0246 img_0247 img_0248 img_0249 img_0251 img_0254 img_0256 img_0269 img_0270 img_0271 img_0273 img_0275 img_0297 img_0298 img_0299 img_0302 img_0306 img_0308 img_0309 img_0310 img_0312 img_0313 img_0316 img_0318 img_0319 img_0320 img_0321 img_0322 img_0323 img_0324 img_0325 img_0326 img_0327 img_0328 img_0329 img_0331 img_0333 img_0339 img_0355


P.A.C.E. – Paisley 2021 City of Culture Bid

This morning we had a real treat as Jen, Eve and Chloe from P.A.C.E. visited us to teach us a play all about the Paisley 2021 City of Culture bid. We have been practising the songs for a couple of weeks but the girls were able to quickly teach us a whole performance in the space of one hour!

We were split into three groups: the history of Paisley, the Weavers and the future. We all had lines to say and actions to do while the narrators spoke.  All our song practise paid off, as we sounded great. The P3 and P4 classes were a quality audience during our performance. Thanks again to Eve, Jen and Chloe. Here we are in action:

dscf5682 dscf5683 dscf5684 dscf5686 dscf5687 dscf5688 dscf5689 dscf5690 dscf5691 dscf5692 dscf5693 dscf5694 dscf5696 dscf5697 dscf5698 dscf5699 dscf5700 dscf5701 dscf5703 dscf5706 dscf5707 dscf5709 dscf5710 dscf5711 dscf5713 dscf5717 dscf5718 dscf5719 dscf5720 dscf5721 dscf5722 dscf5723 dscf5724 dscf5725 dscf5726 dscf5727 dscf5728 dscf5729 dscf5730 dscf5731 dscf5732 dscf5733 dscf5734 dscf5735 dscf5736 dscf5737 dscf5738 dscf5739 dscf5740 dscf5741 dscf5742 dscf5743 dscf5744


P7M Mangahigh Homework – Friday 16th

Just a reminder to those of you who have not attempted your Mangahigh homework, that it is due for Friday 16th at 3.15pm. If you are having problems accessing the internet, please let me know and/or use the IT room for a short time during lunch.


Well done to the people below for a superb effort in the various challenges!

Gold Silver Bronze Fire Starter Attempted
Rachel B

Laura x2




Rachel B




Tori x 2

















Ryan G