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P7 – Our Amazing Brains!

Use the weblinks below to help you complete your Brain Fact File and Senses task.

Our Amazing Brain





Our Five Senses







P7S – German Food

Please use the links below to find the German words for different food items. Record the German and English words. We will use this vocabulary for a task next week.








P7 – WW2: The Battle of Britain and The Blitz Research Task

Today you will be learning about The Battle of Britain and the Blitz. Each member of your group will research a specific part of the Battle of Britain and then share their knowledge with the group. It is everyone’s responsibility to take as many notes as they can so that your group has as much information about the Battle of Britain and the Blitz as possible because you will be taking part in a quiz next topic session.

Each squadron member will become an expert on a different aspect. You will have a set amount of time to research before bringing together your notes to share with your squadron. Notes should be as detailed and accurate as possible.

The higher order thinking skill you will be practising is understanding because after researching you will have to explain the information to your group, paraphrasing and giving examples of what you have learned. The skill for work you will be practising is self direction because you are responsibile for your own learning and what you learn and feedback affects what your group learns (and ultimately how well you will do on the quiz).

1. Clydebank: Watch the videos and read ‘The Blitz’ sheet (one side)

Clydebank Blitz 1 (allow to play until the end of ‘Gregor’ -part 4) total time 8:12mins

Remembering the Clydebank Blitz

The Blitz

  1. Planes: Read the ‘Battle of Britain in the Air’ and ‘Planes’ sheets (3 sides) and watch the video

Horrible Histories Pilot song time 2:47mins

  1. B.O.B. Overview: Read the Overview sheet (1 side)

B.O.B. Newsreels time 8:02mins

  1. Defences: Read the ‘Ground Defences’, ‘Barrage Balloons’ and ‘RADAR’ sheets (2 sides)

WAAFS and Barrage Balloons time 1:01 mins

The Royal Observor Corps in WWII time 2:41 mins

P5S & P7M Eco Information Handling

This morning, you are going to work in pairs/trios to collect and display information about the amount and type of litter found in the playground. This is a Monday morning so the litter found in the playground is a mixture of what our pupils have dropped, what has been blown in and what people have dropped over the weekend.

In groups made up of P5 and P7 pupils, you will collect the data by surveying the Upper, Middle or Infant playgrounds. You will record the information using a tally table on whiteboards (it is No Paper Day after all), then you will transfer this to an bar/pie chart on Maths is Fun.

Please use the link below:


Remember the features of a bar chart:

  • title (including all of your names)
  • X-axis label
  • Y-axis label
  • name the bars (categories)
  • enter the values (amounts)

You may also take 3 photos of your group working , as well as the litter. Once you have completed the online bar/pie chart, please take a screen shot and AirDrop it and the 3 photos to  the ‘Hut 1’ iPad.

Mrs O’Neill and I are looking for your pair/trio to:

  • work and stay together
  • including everyone
  • taking turns
  • contributing ideas
  • manners – saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’
  • staying on task being responsible.

Good luck and enjoy working together!

P7 WW2: Dunkirk Homework Task

As part of your homework for this week you should access the link below on The Battle of Dunkirk. This was a very important battle during WW2. Your task is to research the battle, using the link. You should then summarise the main points relating to the battle, in around 50 wordsPlease post your completed summary of events on the blog by Tuesday 28th March. If you are unable to post on the blog, you should hand in a paper copy of your summary.

Remember when summarising you should only record the most important facts. These facts should be in your own words as much as possible. 

The Battle of Dunkirk

The video below has some really interesting information on the about WW2. The information relating to Dunkirk starts at 2.16 and ends at 3.43. All of the video is worth a watch if you have time!

P7 – Carrie’s War and Friend or Foe (Audiobooks)

If you are enjoying Goodnight Mister Tom, Radio 2 have two excellent audiobooks available on Podcast.

Carrie’s War by Nina Bawden is set during WW2. The story follows Carrie and her younger brother who are evacuated to Wales.

All 10 episodes can be found on the link below:


Friend or Foe by Michael Murpugo, is the story of John and Mark who are evacuated from the Blitz in London.

All 8 episodes can be found on the link below:



P7 – Researching Jewish Beliefs (Jigsaw Task)

Please use the weblinks below to research Judaism and the Jewish beliefs and values. Take notes (key words) in your own words about your specific area of expertise. Be as thorough as possible because you will be the only person in your Home Team that will know that information.

BBC Judaism

Woodlands Junior – Judaism

Kids Window – Judaism

Uri.org Judaism

BJE Judaism

Chabad – Why I like being Jewish?

Religion Facts – Judaism

Jew F.A.Q (use the tabs along the top to navigate the website)

Social Studies for Kids – Judaism

Judaism for Kids

Wiki Kidz Search Judaism

Jewish Holidays and Festivals

Fact of Life – Judaism

P7M – Data Handling Games

Please play the games below to practise all of the concepts covered in our Data Handling topic:










P5-7 Creative Construction Masterclass 2

Your challenge for this afternoon was to work with others to create the tallest tower you can from a maximum of 50 pieces of construction material.

Success Criteria

The model must:

  • Be able to stand on it’s own (not leaning against anything or being held up)
  • Use a maximum of 50 pieces (can be mixed materials)
  • Be creative (think outside of the box)

Who built the tallest tower? Did they only use 50 pieces of material? Did it stand on it’s own? Who learnt lessons from their first designs?


P7 Maths Revision

As we work our way through the Maths learning outcomes we often need to rely on not only the 72 Learn Its but a knowledge and understanding of many other facts and concepts we have covered. Please feel free to revise and test yourself on these Maths topics by visiting the websites below.


http://www.mathsmadeeasy.co.uk/ks2mathspastpapers.htm  (English SATS papers but Maths is Maths!)

http://www.mathsrevision.com/  Click on Level 2. This is a great website made by teachers and used at Park Mains.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/secondlevel/mathematics/ Read, Play and Quiz for each Maths topic.


Creative Construction Masterclass

This afternoon in the Creative Construction Masterclass we had to  build a new creature.  What wild imaginations you all have!

Learning Outcomes:

Through discovery and imagination, I can develop and use problem-solving strategies to construct models. TCH 2-14a

Having evaluated my work, I can adapt and improve, where appropriate, through trial and error or by using feedback. TCH 2-14b

You must work with others to create an imaginary being.

Success Criteria

The model must:

  • Have a ‘head’ (of some description)
  • Have some kind of limbs
  • Be creative (think outside of the box)


P7 – WW2 Home Team Challenge

Supermarine Spitfire by rematuche - a classic

For your Home Team Challenge you are required to research and choose an appropriate form of WW2 aircraft used by the Royal Air Force. In your groups you should ensure you have read the task sheet clearly for the required criteria BEFORE beginning your research. 
Please use the links below to help with your research. You have ONE HOUR to gather together the required information.
WW2 Aircrafts

A History of WW2 Planes

 Happy researching!

P5-7 Construction Masterclass

This afternoon we had our second Creative Construction. You had to work with others to create a safe place for an alien to live.

Success Criteria

The model must:

  • Have an entrance
  • Have at least two ‘rooms’
  • Be creative (think outside of the box

Learning Outcomes:

Through discovery and imagination, I can develop and use problem-solving strategies to construct models. TCH 2-14a

Having evaluated my work, I can adapt and improve, where appropriate, through trial and error or by using feedback. TCH 2-14b

P7M Algebra Facts & Games

Please use the weblinks below to practise what we have been learning in class. Remember the key rules when solving algebraic equations:

  • You want to get the variable (the letter) on its own on one side of the equation. For example, y + 5 = 10. What do you need to do to get the y on its own? Subtract 5! y + 5 – 5
  • Remember that whatever you do to one side of the equation, you must do to the other… so it balances! y + 5 – 5 = 10 – 5
  • Show all of your working, to record your thought process and understanding.              y + 5 = 10
  •                                          y + 5 – 5 = 10 – 5
  •                                                        y = 5
  • For more complex or multi-step algebraic equations, take one step at a time and use the above rules. For example,
  •                                      3y – 6 = 24
  •                              3y – 6 + 6 = 24 + 6
  •                                             3y =   30
  •                                      3y ÷ 3 = 30 ÷ 3
  •                                                 y = 10












P7M National Sumdog Contest


Sumdog’s January National Maths Contest is almost here! It starts tomorrow (Friday 13th) at 8am, and finishes at 8pm on Thursday 19th January.

Here are some things to keep in mind during the contest:

  • You can play at any time.
  • For the score to count, the January National Maths Contest activity must be showing in the green panel on the left of the  screen when you click to start each game.
  • Your scores are based on correct answers.
  • A class’s score is the average of the scores from all pupils from that class who take part.
  • To appear on the leaderboard, at least 10 pupils from a class need to play.
  • As some pupils have limited computer access, every pupil is limited to 1000 contest questions. However, your logins let them keep playing other activities afterwards.

This will be our Maths Homework for next week, however please feel free to start playing from tomorrow. Good luck!

P5S – Robert Burns – The Life of …..

Image result for robert burns

Today we were researching the life of Robert Burns as part of our mini Scotland topic. Groups members researched different aspects of Burns’ life and recorded some very good information. This information was then shared with everyone in the group. Can you tell someone at home something you learned today?

Using your notes, you were then to think out of the box a little and create a poster showing all of your newfound knowledge on Robert Burns. We have some very interesting pieces being created. I look forward to showing them off once completed.

Here you all are hard at work, both in the ICT Suite and back in class.

P7 Robert Burns’ Fact File

Please take suitable notes in your topic jotter that can be transferred into your fact file.

 As a class we will watch the following videos:

Robert Burns

Robert Burns – Life and Times

In the ICT suite you should use the following links to research the life and history of Robert Burns.

Happy researching!

P7M Sumdog National Contest


The Sumdog National Contest starts tomorrow, Friday 9th Dec at 8am and finishes at 8pm on Thursday 15th at 8pm.

You will be ranked on a leaderboard by the number of correct answers you give. If there’s a tie, you will be ranked  on average answer speed.

Classes are ranked on the average number of correct answers. Ten pupils from a class need to play in the contest for it to appear on the leaderboard.

Come on, have some fun while learning and help our class to show off our skills!

P7M Homework – Monday 5th December

Remember to complete each task to the best of your ability. Please let me know if you are struggling with any task or need advice, as soon as possible. Try not to get stressed or upset about homework – it really isn’t worth it! Ask your parent/carer to write a note if you are unable to  attempt any task. Thank you.


  • Reading – Please read your version of ‘How We Celebrate Christmas’ and answer the questions in your Book Detective jotters. You will need this knowledge for a German Christmas task you will be doing next week.
  • Personal Reading Challenge – Throughout the year, please read extra texts on top of the class novels. Record what you have read and complete the tasks on the Personal Reading Challenge sheet.
  • Spelling – Unit/List 7 – Please complete Unit/List 7 in your Spelling Homework jotter for Friday 16th December. Please practise your spelling words on Spelling City (not compulsory).



  • We are still looking for two adult helpers for a visit to the library on Tuesday 6th at 11.15-12.00. Please write a note in your child’s diary to let me know if you can help. Thank you in advance.
  • P.E. Monday  and Thursday 9-10am – Please wear your P.E. kit to school and then change into your uniform.

Renfrewshire Sumdog Contest – Final Results

A huge well done to all of the pupils who took part in the Sumdog contest. These fun games will help you maintain and improve your basic Maths skills. You helped your class to climb the leaderboard. have a look at the results below to see where your class placed in the contest. Remember at least 10 pupils from each class needed to play in order for them to qualify.



I would also like to say a big congratulations to two our our pupils who placed in the Top 20 pupils within Renfrewshire (out of 1338 pupils)! This means they answered the full 1000 questions and got a huge percentage of them correct. Congratulations to Laura from P7M who placed 11th by answering 952 questions correctly! And a huge well done to Lyall from P6G who placed 13th by answering 950 questions correctly! You should be extremely proud of yourselves – what a superb effort and achievement!


Please see below for the class leaderboards. Once again, well done to those of you who took part.





Renfrewshire Sumdog Contest

Well done to Lyall from P6G who is currently 7th on the Leaderboard! Will you be able to join Lyall in the Top 10? So far, none of our classes have qualified to play in the competition because there have not been enough players from each class. Come on, let’s give  Bargarran Primary (the current winners) a run for their money and get playing!

Click on the images below to see the ranking.