P7M – WW2 Projects

This morning you presented your WW2 projects that you have had 5 weeks to prepare. I was impressed with the variety of topics and many different delivery styles. We had confident presenters who gave great eye contact, faced your audience and delivered your facts using a varied tone, to keep the audience’s interest. Some of you highlighted your drawings or images to point out interesting facts. We even had some home baking using ration recipes which worked a treat in winning us over!

I have your individual feedback ready to give you tomorrow but some general feedback for the majority of you:

  • Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse! This allows you to check you are within the time allocated and your family members can give you honest feedback about your delivery style (voice, body language, etc)
  • Put the facts into your OWN words. Taking another person’s words from the internet or a book is called plagiarism and it doesn’t show me you have understood your research. It also means you should be able to say the words!
  • If you have made a poster, chosen images for a powerpoint or made a model, talk about it! Please point out interesting facts and show us your hard work. Make use of the props and things yo have brought in.

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