Rookie Rockstars Concerts

The Rookie Rockstars concerts at Ingliston Country Club on Tuesday and Wednesday night were amazing! The pupils turned up dressed to impress and ready to rock! They put on two great shows, showing off their singing and dancing skills as well as what the songs had taught them about anti-bullying and self-esteem.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped make the events happen: Rookie Rockstars for their guidance and songs, Ingliston Country Club for allowing us to host the events for free, the audience (families and friends) for your support, the many school staff who came to supervise and rock out, the school secretaries who acted as a professional box office for a few weeks, the janitorial staff who acted as roadies for a few days and most importantly the pupils who rocked their socks off!

If you would still like to purchase a CD to listen to for many years to come, please visit the School Office.

Many thanks,

Miss McDowall, Principal Teacher



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