Conflict in Israel

Learning Outcome:

1.     I understand that religious and cultural differences have affected people in the past and present (Jews during WWII and Palestinians in Gaza).

2.     I can use my own research to share my views on current political and social issues (Gaza).

Conflict in Israel Skill:


Systems Thinking

·        How does one thing affect another?

·        Can you describe the relationship between…?




Jewish people were persecuted by the Nazis during World War II. After the war ended, the Jewish state of Israel was established and Jewish people were given a safe place to live. However this meant that Arab Muslims became refugees. In addition to this, the area of West Bank in Israel has always been a place of cultural and religious conflict because both Jews and Muslims say the land belongs to them.



1.     You are going to work on your own and then with a partner to research the history of the conflict in Israel. You will watch videos showing the history and some of the recent problems. You will both read different research sheets to choose the most important facts. You will then share these facts with the class.  Israel and Palestine: an animated introduction


2.     You will then be working with your partner to create a 3-set Venn diagram to compare and contrast the lives of three children living in the West Bank. Read the notes on the children and use the photographs to help you build up an idea of what their lives are like.


3.     As a class we will then discuss the relationship between WWII and the current conflict in Israel. We will look at how one thing affects another thing and the consequences of actions.



You and your partner must:

·        take notes (key words and phrases) from the videos and research sheets

·        share your notes

·        choose the 5 most important facts from your research

·        share these facts with the class


Your group must:

·        read the notes and look at the photographs of Bilal, Tzviki and Douha

·        discuss the children’s lives and what evidence you can gather from the text

·        record the similarities and differences between the three children

·        feedback to the class your findings

·        discuss in what way your lives is similar and different to the children living in the West Bank


As a class we must:

·        look at the evidence we have about the conflicts in Israel

·        discuss the cause and effect

·        discuss the relationship between WWII and Israel

·        discuss the general consequence of actions


You have two R.M.E. sessions to complete these activities.

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