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P5S – Fitness Fun

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Term 2 is the term for building our fitness. On Tuesdays we will be working out with our Latin dancing and on Fridays we will be working our way around our fitness stations. Today we had the following stations:

  • skipping
  • shuttle runs
  • ball catch
  • step ups
  • speed bounce
  • squats

In small groups you rotated around each station and completed each task for one minute. Some were much easier to do than others. As the weeks progress we will increase the time at each station to build up your fitness.

Most groups worked very well together and those groups that had a few niggles will need to work hard to sort them out. Tasks like these require all group members to work well together and you may need to compromise at times: very good life skills to learn.

Today Lucy L was in charge of music, Chloe S was our time keeper and Kieran was our photographer. Here are some of the many photographs he took today.