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P5 – Scottish Country Dancing

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As part of our Scotland topic this month we will be participating in  some Scottish Country Dancing. This morning we had a few grumbles from some of you (in both classes) who weren’t particularly keen to take part. However once our session was over this afternoon many of you told us just how much you enjoyed it. We had lots of “fists of fives” being shown! Plus, we had lots and lots of smiling going on. The photographs don’t lie!

Today we were focusing on two dances: the Gay Gordons and the Canadian Barn Dance. We had a wee taster of the Gay Gordons during term 1 and I am delighted at just how many of you remembered the steps. You have well and truly mastered this dance.  Well done!

In our Canadian Barn Dance we moved it up a notch and moved partners once we had mastered the basic steps. Once again, a huge well done as you managed this very well. Next week we will move onto some of the group dances – be ready!

Here are a few action shots for you to look at.