P7M Maths Revision

Complete the task in your Maths Homework jotter for Monday 19th June.  Remember to write the date, an appropriate title and show all your working. Use the Mental Maths link and Maths Revision link to help you. For some of the questions, you may want to draw examples.

  1. Write a definition for each of the terms below:
  • Parallel lines
  • Perpendicular lines
  • Right angle
  • Acute angle
  • Edge
  • Vertices (vertex)


2. For each of the shapes below, write at least 3 properties:

  • Isosceles triangle
  • Equilateral triangle
  • Triangular prism
  • Square-based pyramid
  1. Use the grid method to solve the following questions:

a) 234 x 56

b) 572 x 83

  1. Use the ‘up-and-down’ written method to solve the following questions:

a) 789 x 4

b) 823 x 7

  1. Use short division to solve the following questions:

a) 678 ÷ 6

b) 284 ÷ 7

  1.  Answer the following questions thinking carefully about the remainder:

a) Louis has £28. How many frogs can he buy if they are £6 each?

b) There are 230 children at Crickelpit Primary School and 18 members of staff. They are all going on a trip and coaches seat 48 people. How many coaches do the school need to book?

  1. Order the following fractions from smallest to largest:

2/5         1/6         3/8         ½         3/4

  1. Write decimal equivalent to these fractions:

a)  1/5       b)  ¼       c)   3/5      d)      ¾        e)    7/10

  1. Write the following percentages as fractions:

a) 25%           b) 80%           c) 10%          d)  75%         e)  23%

  1. Work out the following fractions of amounts:

a)    2/5 of 40

b)    ¾ of 180

c)   3/8 of 96

  1. Work out the following percentage of amounts:

a)  20% of 50

b)  70% of 60

c)  36% of 150

  1. Convert the following lengths to metres:

a)  43cm       b)  2.4km     c)  99cm    d)   5mm      e)  13.5km

  1. Convert the following weights to kilograms:

a)  200g       b)  6500g       c)   90g     d)  120g       e)12800g

  1. Convert the following capacities to litres:

a)  330ml     b)  500ml     c)  2500ml    d)  10ml      e)  90cl

  1. Calculate the following time intervals:

a) Pippa gets on a bus at 15:45. Her journey takes 50 minutes. What time does she arrive at her destination?

b) John’s train should arrive at 10:05. It is delayed by 14 minutes and his journey should take 2.5 hours. What time will he arrive at his destination?

c) Noel finishes his triathlon event at 13:32. It took him 18 minutes to complete his cycling, 16 minutes to complete his swimming, and 21 minutes to complete his running. What time did he start his race?

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