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P5S – Basketball 2

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Today Anna came in for your second basketball lesson. This week you were adding to the skills learned in our previous lesson.

You were shown how to stand for perfect shooting opportunities – with two feet apart! Anna also taught us all about the B.E.E.F technique:  B: Balance    E: Eyes    E: Elbows    F: Follow Through. You then used this technique in some shooting practice. How did you do? Did you remember to use what you had been taught or were you still trying to score using two hands on the ball?

Next Anna showed you a wee trick that would ensure you scored every time. Some of you found this a little tricky however if you were using the BEEF technique you might have found it easier to do.

We finished off with some game practice where you were to put all of these new techniques into play. Quite a few of you are still forgetting to think about where you are passing the ball. Remember to take your time to look about, see who is free and use the correct passes.

Here are a few action shots from this afternoon.


P5H Basketball – 16.5.17

Today Anna had you working on your shooting technique. She taught you about BEEF – are you able to tell someone at home what the letters stand for?  She also taught you the correct way to take a set pass and a bank pass.  She told you a wee trick for scoring a basket from a bank pass – can you tell someone at home what it was?You then took part in full court games, some of you are getting a little bit too competitive, remember basketball is a non-contact sport.

P5H Basketball – 11.5.17

On Tuesday we had a surprise visit from Anna from Paisley Basketball.  She taught you the two passes used in basketball, chest and bounce pass. She then gave you time to practise these passes and then showed you a defending and attacking game before putting you into teams. You then took part in some very competitive and exciting full court games. We are very lucky that Anna will be with us for a few more weeks.

P5S – Basketball

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Today we had a lovely surprise when we heard that Anna was coming in to teach us some basketball skills. After some warm-up games you had some lessons on passing the ball. You had the opportunity to use bounce passes and chest passes with a partner. Next you were able to put these passes into practice when you played against one another in a few games. Great fun was had by all!