Reading Challenge – Some more reviews

The last few books that were borrowed for the Christmas Reading Challenge are trickling in. A number of the readers that took on the challenge are what we would describe as reluctant readers, and I hope that this sort of challenge has helped to open their eyes up to the range of books available in the library. Here are a few more reviews that have been handed in.

The Dark Words by Peter Lancet

There was a man who went looking for a scroll. He met people who had read the scroll and had turned into dark people. It was a good short book with some well drawn illustrations.  CM  4*

Public Enemy Number Two by Anthony Horowitz

Neil Diamond is put into a maximum security cell with Johnny Powers. I enjoyed the book but wouldn’t normally go for this type of book. AH 4*

You’ve got Blackmail by Rachel Wright

This book is about a girl called Lauren and her friend Dex who find a blackmail note while they are delivering the new prices for the hair salon. The question is, ‘Who is the Blackmailer?’ I thought this book was quite enjoybale but it seemed to drag on for a while. AJ 3*

Killer Camera by Anthony Horowitz

Matthew King goes to a carboot sale and buys a 50th birthday present for his grandad , Christopher. The book was was quite good but it had a bit too much writing and not enough pictures for me. KC 3*

Moving by Helen Orme

There are five girls and they are like sisters. One of the girls is being made to move to a new school, St Joans, an all girls school but she doesn’t want to go. Siti tries think of reasons why she shouldn’t go and in the end there is a big story in the paper and on TV. It was a good book so I would recommend it to others. I gave it three stars as it could have been longer and took more time to read because it took me ten minutes to read. I thought I would have liked the story to describe the characters a bit more. KC 3*

Reading Challenge well under way

Over half the books in the challenge box have now been borrowed by enthusiastic pupils. Some have been less than overwhelmed with their choices, but that was the challenge: to read somthing they normally wouldn’t pick off the shelves. A few mini reviews have already been returned and some of the pupils comments are noted below:

Mermaid Curse: The Silver Dolphin by Louise Cooper

Lucy Baxter is thrilled when her family moves to Cornwall. She doesn’t realise it, but she has a special connection with the sea and everyting in it. Good book, nice sentences, powerful and clever storyline. A future classic. 5«   ?

Space Cowboy by Justin Stanchfield

While out herding cattle on a remote planet, Travis comes across his worst nightmare and he is given the job of tracking it down. It killed lots of animals and even killed two men. He found out it was man-made and designed to kill. I thought it was really good, it was mind gripping and exciting. It was also scary but overall I enjoyed it. 5«       CB

Escape from the Dark by Peter Lancett

A girl is ill. She goes to see the Dark Man. She got followed. It was a very very short book but I liked it. I recommend this book to people who like reading short stories. 3«  NC         This book is part of a series aimed at reluctant readers. It has great illustrations and very little text. FS

Ghost in the Screen by Paul Blum

Iti s a really sad story about a mother killing her child as she had a baby girl and wasn’t married, she is trying to do the same to her granddaughter. I was very upset when I heard that the Grandmother had killed her child. I recommend this book to people who like emotional stories. 4« NC