Stromness Academy Library

Books, reading and life in a school library



  • 11 computers (PC)
  • Nos 1 – 7 on the Computer Bench.
  • No. 8-9 by the Issue Desk.
  • No. 10 by the Fiction Section (work only)
  • No. 11 in the Upper Library.
  • Laser Printer – b & w and colour, duplex (back-to-back)
  • DVD/CD Facilities – All computers
  • Internet Facilities – All


  • It is recommended you book computers in advance
  • See the Librarian before using a computer
  • Sign the logbook on the issue desk each time you use a computer
  • ONE pupil at each computer.

During class time:

  • No games
  • School work only

Before registration, lunchtime & after school [Tuesday]:

  • Games and ‘leisure’ use permitted
  • Work always gets priority


  • change the set-up
  • install software or games
  • use damaged discs


  • Ask before printing
  • School work ONLY
  • ONE copy only (if you need more get it photocopied!)

Save work to NETWORK FOLDER or external memory device (eg. pen drive) or to your GLOW OneDrive. Report problems or faults immediately to the Librarian or Technician. LOG OFF the computer when you are finished! Go to ‘Start’ menu and select ‘Log off’


  1. Book computers in advance.
  2. See the Librarian if you wish to book a computer. NB. Bookings made without the Librarian’s permission are not valid.
  3. Only write in PENCIL on the booking sheet.
  4. Check your booking with the Librarian BEFORE you use the computer.
  5. At lunchtime, work will always get priority over ‘leisure’ bookings.
  6. Don’t pass your booking on to a friend without first seeing the Librarian.
  7. Always sign the Logbook on the Issue Desk.

The Internet is provided for you to gain a much greater range of information than can be provided in the library alone. Please follow the following guidelines as to its use.

  1. During class time use the internet for appropriate research and school work. (The internet can be used for leisure purposes at lunchtimes.)
  2. Have a clear plan as to what you want to search for, eg. topic keywords or a specific web site address.
  3. Don’t view, keep or send anything you would not want teachers, the Librarian, or parents to see.
  4. Try not to waste time on the Internet. If you haven’t found suitable information after 15 minutes, you will need to revise your search or try a different source, eg books, newspapers, etc. (Ask the Librarian for help if you need it)
  5. To control the number of pages printed out – use ‘Print Preview’ to check how many pages. Try not print directly from the Internet where possible.
  6. Don’t download other people’s work from the internet directly into your own work. This is called plagiarism and it will affect your marks.
  7. Your use of the Library Internet stations is monitored. Misuse of school internet facilities may result in temporary or permanent ban of Internet or computer use.

The memory devices listed below may be used in library computers:

  1. Pen drives / Flash drives / Memory stick
  2. MP3 Players / Mobile Phones – Only use for saving your work. Don’t download or listen to music. (Headphones must be in your school bag.) Ask permission prior to using them.
  3. CDs/DVDs – Only use data discs.

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