Out-of-School Hours

Don’t run away from your homework or school studies! Do it in the school library during out-of-school hours opening!

Before Registration
The library opens at 8.35 in the morning. Pupils can come in to return or borrow books, use the computers for work or leisure, catch up with homework, or as most do, just socialise quietly.Due to increased number of pupils waiting to use the library before registration, it is necessary to reduce congestion and noise in the English corridor. Pupils should avoid queuing outside the library before 8.35am.


The Library is open:

  • 12:35 – 1:15pm [Mon – Thurs]
  • 12:25 – 1:05pm [Fri]


Pupils can use the library at lunchtime for the following purposes:

  • To do homework
  • Use the computers
  • Study
  • Do some research
  • Read books
  • Read magazines
  • Use the Internet

Leisure use is permitted but pupils shouldn’t:

  • Just stand around or wander about
  • Chat noisily
  • Disturb other pupils or staff

We also have a variety of Lunchtime activities throughout the week:

  • Miniature Painting
  • Chess / Draughts Club
  • Magic the Gathering
  • ‘Luncheon & Dragons’
  • Excelsior Award (Jan – Mar)

The school operates a split lunch which means that sometimes pupils still in class will be using the library. School work will always get priority over leisure use therefore pupils may be asked to leave if there is excessive noise levels.

After School
As well as being open during the school day the library is also at the following times after school:Tuesday 3.35 – 4.45pm (arrange your own transport) / Monday, Wednesday & Thursday: 3.35 – 4.00pm (by prior arrangement with the Librarian)

Opening is subject to meetings and availability of the Librarian. Keep an eye to daily bulletin for changes.


  • To provide a venue with a quiet and relaxed atmosphere for study.
  • To provide access to a wide variety of resources and information.
  • To support homework, research, study, course work, folios and exam revision.

Who Will Benefit?
All pupils would benefit from using the library after school for their schoolwork and supporting their studies in particular:

  • Pupils without good facilities at home. eg. space, ICT, books.
  • Pupils who have other distractions at home. eg. brothers / sisters, television, computer games.
  • Pupils meeting deadlines for course work, folios, etc; and those doing revision for prelim and SCE exams.
  • Pupils who like to separate school life from home and never take their school bags home.

It would be a good opportunity for you to get homework done leaving you to enjoy home and letting you do the things you want. eg hobbies, etc.

What Else is on Offer?
Mrs Sinclair will offer individual help with computers, Internet and CD Rom. Also she can give advice with research if necessary.Tuesday afternoons: ‘Chessetcetera’
This is an after school club where you can play board games or study. ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ and ‘Magic: The Gathering’ are regularly played.

The choice is yours!

Transport HomeTransport is available on Tuesday afternoons just before 4.30pm. Pupils MUST sign up for transport at morning registration or by Lunchtime at the latest.

How to Sign Up

Pupils can just turn up before registration or at lunchtime.

  • Pupils should see the Librarian, Mrs Sinclair, in advance if they wish to use the library after school or on Tuesday evenings.
  • Pupils should sign the after-school register or evening register on the issue desk on arrival in the library.
  • Pupils using the library after school or on Tues evening should behave in the same manner expected of them during the school day

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