Extra-Curricular Activities in the School Library

The library is not only open during the timetabled school day, but is also available before registration from 8:35am (approx 8:25am onwards for pupil library assistants), lunchtime,  and after school.


Pupils often choose to do any of the organised activities (shown below) during lunchtimes on days other than the designated ones.

  • Reading
  • Homework
  • Research
  • Computers for work
  • Computers for leisure
  • Board games

  • Pupil Library Assistant Duties – The training scheme has recently been re-established with 11 volunteers.


  • Miniature Painting



  • Chess Club








  • Pupil Library Assistant Meeting
  • Dungeons & Dragons (After School)








  • Study Support (After School)


  • Magic the Gathering


  • ‘Luncheon & Dragons’ – a very short D&D session – sandwiches allowed


Friday Activities

  • D&D

  • Pathfinder








  • Magic the Gathering








  • Warhammer


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