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The Rainforest Wall

We have started a new topic called the rainforest. Rainforests are usually called jungles because the rainforest has long grass that has never been cut and that means it is very very long and there are lots of animals and plant species but there are still many to discover. Our class has been working on the rainforest for a couple of weeks and we have learned a lot but we have still got a lot more to learn. We will tell you a little bit about the rainforest.The rainforest is a place where lots of animals and plant species live. There are also tribes who live in the rainforest. We learned that there are four layers in the rainforest and we are learning the different layers that each of the animals come from at the moment. We have began our rainforest display in our class. Jorgia and Steven did the art work for the background. We think they did a great job!!

Building our rainforest
Building up the Canopy and Emergent Layer

Thats all for now bye.

Bobbi and Nicole

Rainforest Paintings

The Rainforest Layers

On the 8th of February all of P5 made a painting about the Rainforest and we learned that there is four different layers in the rainforest. There is the Emergents,Canopy, Understory and the Forest floor.The Emergent layer has the tallest trees. We have made this blue because you would be able to see the sky. The Canopy is bright green because it gets lots of sunlight. Next is the Understory, this layer is darker green because it gets less sunlight.  Finally the Forest Floor iis brown, it is made up of dead leaves.We have learned about the Rainforest.

By:Rachel and Nathan

Billy Bear needs our help

Please help Billy Bear to find out some information.  He will tell you what he needs to find out more about. Click on the bubble at the bottom to leave a reply.

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