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All about photo booth

What is photo booth? Well photo booth is a little like a camEra but you can change the  look of it. You can change it to  twirly and it will make it look like your face is all twirly and you can do  a mirror so that it looks like someone is right next to you  that looks  very much like you but there isn’t really . You should try it.I’ll tell you how to do it.

If you have a macbook then its really simple. If you have a macbook then heres how to do it once you turn it on leave it at the front page then go to the botom of the page and go to the go along until you get to  it. It is a small screen with a red background and a strip of photos in front of it.

Then once you touch it it should come up photo booth and click on it and thats you on it.

It’s  very simple isn’t it!

before I go I  will show you what it looks like.

bye forn  know ill try and come back on tommoro

bye bye