International Children’s Games – A message to our Visitors from around the World

Primary 5 have been learning all about The International Children’s Games (ICG) which will be hosted in Lanarkshire this year. This will be the 45th ICG and we are enjoying learning all about this international event.

Has your country ever hosted the ICG? Do you know any interesting facts about ICG that you could share with our class?

We look forward to hearing from our friends across the world.

Miss Docherty and The Brilliant Bloggers

3 thoughts on “International Children’s Games – A message to our Visitors from around the World”

  1. What are the International Children’s Games? We’ve never hosted them in our area. We would like to learn more about these games.

    What does primary mean in your country? Here in North Carolina it refers to children in K – 2/3 grade. Some schools say 2nd and some 3rd. In 2nd grade you are 7 – 8 year olds usually. We will be finishing our 2nd grade year up on June 10th. Then we have summer break and return to school August 25, 2011 as third graders.

  2. Hi Miss Docherty, Lauren here,

    I wanted to leave a comment because our Primary 7 class our learning on the ICG too. We have had so much fun learning about it and even made our own ICG t-shirts on Glow. Did you know that 70 countries are taking place this year and North Lanarkshire are in oartnership with South Lanarkshire for the ICG this year?

    Lauren and the Primary 7 Updaters!

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